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let her grow a bit

6 month old is quite early from birth to age 6 months.

it would be genetic testing your inquiring about

theyre not going to find polyps in her rectum or bowel necessarily that young.

i went for my first colonoscopy and endoscopy at age 21. i had my gp at my age of 11-12 back then insert his finger in my rectum and no blood was present on his glove.

at age 21 i found out the gene was passed on through my late father. fap runs on my dads side of the family.

i know it is worrisome but you arent going to get much answers on your 6 month old child because she was born not long ago.  drs may be reluctant to even do genetic testing as your  little one is still "developing" and quite young.

just my thoughts.

best wishes


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