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had total colectomy 20 yrs ago w/ J pouch / have had pouchitis from time to time but never any bleeding that I remember but I do remember after a pouchoscopy in 2016 Dr indicated there was some chronic minor bleeding that did not need to be addressed (never saw any in stool) / I have observed blood in my stool once a day 8 of the past 10 days - it always appears late afternoon or early evening - other 5-6 movements per day appear to be blood free / took plavix for 3 months but Dr discontinued it after 1st day of blood - well if the plavix (a blood thinner) was causing the problem I would think after stopping it 10 days ago the bleeding would have stopped by now

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I would give it another week and if it has not resolved, follow up with your GI doc. You do not indicate any other associated symptoms and it seems like mild bleeding,  so hopefully this is just medication related and it is taking longer to resolve than expected. Of course, if the bleeding becomes heavier or you develop other symptoms, contact your doctor right away.

Good luck!


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