So I've been mostly pouchitis free for almost 9 years with a pouch. Maybe one or 2 small bouts and have avoided antibiotics for it. About a week ago, I had some mild aches and chills accompanied by sudden liquid stool, no pain, then normal pouch function, but sudden blood in my stool that was reminiscent of my UC days. Blood on the paper and stool had some blood streaks. Not a ton of blood but I almost passed out due to the shock of seeing it again after so many years. This lasted for 3 bowel movements. Now I've been symptom and blood free for about 7 days, no pain, excellent pouch function. A month prior to this I had a more serious bout of liquid stool and lost a ton of fluid, thought it might be pouchitis or maybe a virus. Dr wanted me on antibiotics but I waited (well took a single pill them stopped), was able to rehydrate and after adjusting my diet and psyllium and immodium intake and ceasing coffee I was back to normal until the sudden blood incident.

So here's my question. I have an appointment to see my GI in two weeks. He is currently on vacation. I have an appointment with his colleague for a pouchoscopy next week, prior to the appointment with my actual GI. The colleague has scoped me before and I trust him, however this was all setup during the bleeding incident. Given that I have been symptom free for a week is it reasonable to move my pouchoscopy till after my appointment with my GI? This might not be for 3 weeks or month. The procedure prep in itself can be aggravating and I'm put under for the scope and I know that's not the best for you. I'm feeling like a might be jumping the gun with the scoping, or given these symptoms does a scope seem necessary to matter what? It's very hard if not impossible to reach my actual GI to ask right now.

Also, does this bleeding sound like it could just be a burst blood vessel or maybe mild cuffitis or even something I ate?

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Yes, a couple of days ago. Doc said my actual pouch looks great but I have some inflammation and mild ulcerations in cuff even though it’s less than 1cm. Also strictuting. So this explains the bleeding. My symptoms have subsided but I just started on Canasa for a month so hopefully this gets the inflammation down. If not I’d like to try Anucort.

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