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Has anyone had blocked oil ducts on there eyelids.  I have been battling this since April.  It looks like a sty .  Eye  Dr. says it is blocked oil glands on my eye top and bottom lid.  He also said it is not contagious.   One goes away and I get another one. I have been putting warm tea bags on my eyes, under the instructions of my eye Dr.  Do you think it has anything to do with my condition?  J-pouch surgery 2010. I am getting very depressed about this.  The eye Dr says it will run its coarse.  I would appreciate any info.   Thanks   Grace

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Hi Grace. I don’t have a sty type problem but very dry eye had cateract surgery about 18 months ago I don’t seem to make tears , It’s extremely painful in one eye having to take pain meds to deal with it . So my Optomerist has been treating it with a process where I pop on googles and the eyes are lightly steamed for about 15 minutes then she uses a pointer type tool and pushes out gunk from around my eye lids to open the ducts I think then twice a day putting in a product called manuka dry eye drops have had two treatments so far getting some relief . Not sure if this helps Susan 

All I know that if it is a stye it is caused by a staph infection and is contagious.  If you rub it it can spread to other parts of the eyelid. I've had them and do not touch them or rub them because of this. I don't know how to tell the difference between a stye and a blocked oil gland. 

Maybe leave it be and don't touch it.  If it is a stye you may be spreading it.  Let it run its course and see if another pops up. I'm definitely no expert but I just had one a month or so ago. First one in a very long time. I let it run  its course and nothing else has popped up. Crossed fingers. 



HI Susan thanks for the info.  Do you know what type of treatment it is called.  I will mention it to my eye Dr.   He just said it is not a stye The way he explained it to me is  that you have oil glands in your eye lids to keep your eyes moist.  When you produce to much oil   the gland  swells and forms   like a stye.  He said it is not contagious   He told me just warm compresses.  Your solution sounds better I will mention it to my eye Dr. on my next appt.  I am doing hot compresses but it hurts and it is annoying.  I have been dealing with this since April.   Thanks Richard for your input but my Dr. says it is not a stye.  I have an appt. next Thursday I will let you know how I make out   Thanks again   Grace 

Yes, I had this, along with dry eye syndrome. Warm moist compresses help a lot. I don’t know about tea-bags though. What helped the most were those micro-beads you warm in the microwave. You need to be careful not to over heat them though. Other compresses just cooled down too fast. Once my eyelids were well warmed, I would massage them until I could express the clogged ducts. I also have duct plugs and use Restasis.

Here’s a link to the mask I used.

Now, I maintain just using an eyelid wash in the shower, Occusoft.

I haven’t had a recurrance of the infections for over a year.


Hi Jan  I just went to the surgeon on Thursday.  He gave me a steroid shot in my lid which was very uncomfortable .  I am continuing with the hot compresses.  If does not go down he will have to surgically remove it.  What do you mean by expressing the clogged duct.  Are you actually pressing on to release the matter that is in the lid?  He told me to use refresh.  Does it have anything to do with our condition?  Sudie thank you also for the info.. 

Hello all, I've had the same problem on and off for years, I make a poont of cleansing area with hot. Water and sometimes baby shampoo at least twice daily  and sometimes use bowl of steaming hot water with towel over head to trap the steam, had styes galore as a kid and my mum used to make me do this to bring the style to a head, it works but still annoying and painful, not sure if there is a UC connection


This is pretty common and can be associated with rosacea (which I have). Yes, after using my warm eye mask, I could express thick matter from those oil glands. I used a couple of cotton swabs soaked in very warm water. Probably not for the faint of heart, but being a nurse, I was comfortable with it. I also was not getting styes, but meiobian cysts that became infected. Never needed injections, but did use antibiotic/steroid drops. Still do when my eyelids are particularly irritated.

I presume you’ve been seeing an ophthamologist, not just an optitian.



 has anybody gotten extremely dry and flaky skin in the area between the eye lid and eyebrow? This seems to be a problem along with my dry eyes or inflamed eyes or whatever they are    if so, any special cream that eliminates  the flaky skin? I put cream on it five or six times during the day and it still is flaky

thanks, Janet

I did have flakey skin on my eyelid when cyst was very inflamed.  Using warm compresses was drying my skin.  It went away after cyst got smaller.  Jan I had the same as you meiobian cyst.  I am seeing a eye surgeon.  Three days after shot it started to go down.   I hope I don't get any more.   Thanks for everyone's input    Grace

re dry skin.  solution was probably not what i was suppose to do, but i did--used otc cortisone ointment and made sure some got on my eyelids.  after three days skin back to normal and i stopped my home treatment.  

never had a cyst and hope this goes away.  other problem, which is better with the cortisone ointment, is my eyes are stuck shut when i wake up.  need to use my fingers to open them!!  small issue on the face of other med probs so i just let it humor me.  need to keep eyes open!!  jlh

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