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Hi to all my fellow j troopers. Today was the first time I cleared a blockage without going to the hospital. It’s all due to you angels who post in here because god knows I have had my share. I had a bad one about two months ago that landed me in the hospital for 8 very long days. It was the most painful yet and I left feeling drained and defeated. I’ve never had a problem eating cereal with a few sliced almonds but I learned that no matter how long you have been post surgery, (2003/2004, 2 surgeries with j pouch) things change. I went to my closest hospital, which I had been to before pre COVID-19, and it became my worst nightmare. Not only were the nurses rude as heck, they stuck me in ICU because of the limited space. I was ignored, yelled at and basically forgotten back there and they were pushing surgery because they said it was of an urgent nature. Thanks to this group I know better. I chose to say &$#@ NO!  With the tube in the nose I felt somewhat better and not so stressed. Next time I need to go to the ER I will drive the 25 minutes where my colorectal surgeon is on staff.

Just to recap my solution: I did my yoga poses mainly  knees to my chest. I massaged the area   Bounced up and down on my toes and sipped chamomile tea. I had to really turn over my care to my higher power. It helped when I started to panic.

Again a big thanks to this support group. I am going to do my part here and look to see any posts that I may be able to help in any way. Hugs and hearts


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Wonderful news! We are capable of much. The highest hurdle in my mind is knowing when it is time to go to the ER. Anyone who has wasted time there, thinking, “I could be miserable and ignored in my own home!” knows that there is a tipping point where you really need to be in the ER. Otherwise, watchful waiting is a good strategy. Also, knowing good home care is essential.

Good luck and I hope you have a long respite from this stuff!


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