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I am 6 years post takedown and have been relatively normal since then. I have occasional bouts of Pouchitis which are usually quickly resolved with antibiotics. 

I also have had a few partial blockages in the last year or so that are painful and miserable, but generally last only about a day or two.  

However, since New Years, I have had a small, sore knot near my stoma scar. I have still been having bowel movements, but I feel as though I can never get the pouch completely empty. Also, I feel very bloated and full all the time. I still have an appetite and am eating pretty normal, but I think it’s strange that I have this sore spot after a week. 

Any idea what this pain might be from? Is it a stricture? Or just a partial blockage that hasn’t gone away yet?

Thanks for any advice!


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In my experience, I’ve had two partial blockages, it takes time for your muscles and intestines to recover. I think someone explained to me it’s like a balloon- when u make balloon animals you twist it. When you untwist it, it takes to straighten out and feel better. Have you trained a heating pad? 

It could Also be scar tissue. I’ve heard of people having laparoscopic surgery to break up the adhesions. Have you talked to your doc? 

I actually do have a heating pad. I got one last summer after a fairly painful and long blockage and it did seem to help. I’m just concerned because my pain isn’t going away after a full week. 

Would I have issues with scar tissue 6 years after surgeries? I’m trying to get an appointment with my doc, so I guess we’ll see. 

Hi Wbrooks, I am also having recurring partial obstructions.. probably self induced by eating nuts and fresh salads.. I had a bad one a week ago, and it returned again last night   - if I were you I would really just be very careful what you eat at the moment and try and stick to very low residue foods - soups, drinks, yoghurt, soft foods until you are certain its resolved.  Yes many of us have dense adhesions from multiple surgeries and they don't help. But eating too much fibre is something to watch out for. 

This link has some advise for diet and bowel obstructions: 


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