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Have been home from hospital for a couple days after having a non surgical  obstruction. My fourth in 14 years since  I have had pouch and worst yet. My own fault combination of eating  raw vegetables and long periods of being bent over. Do not remember having this this much pain and gas after. Anyone have any tips?

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There’s really no way for a low FODMAPs diet to help prevent obstructions, though it might alter the mix of bacteria in the intestine and help with other issues. Obstructions are generally a two-part problem: first the intestine gets narrowed, most often because an adhesion keeps part of it in place while the parts to either side move around into an awkward position, kinking something like a long, thin balloon getting twisted a bit. Second, something gets trapped behind that narrowed portion, usually a larger piece of food or something fibrous. Then the “fun” begins, with backed up food and liquid painfully stretching the gut, which is just trying to do its job advancing the contents. When it untwist/unkinks and opens back up things slowly start to normalize. For some people the narrowing may be more or less permanent, for example if a stricture has developed or if adhesions exist in the worst possible places, and those folks may benefit from being very careful with their diets and chewing.

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Hi Debbie,  FODMAP foods are disruptive to our digestive systems. Because of all the obstructions I've suffered over the last 35 years I figured that if I take out the high FODMAP foods that I will have left disruption in my small intestine since my large colon is gone and hopefully reduce the amount of obstructions that I'm getting. So far I am having no pain in the last day and a half on this low fodmap diet 😉

I just had my 2nd hospitalization for bowel obstruction in a year and a half. Luckily, gastrograffin worked for both, so no surgery needed. The 1st one was eating the wrong thing after a dehydrating day of air travel. This one, which wasn’t as painful, as I recognized the signs faster, and got to the hospital — I’m not sure what happened. I’ve eaten the same meal many, many, times, was hydrated. The only thing I can think of was that I was working from home and sat in the same position for a couple hrs after eating. Does anything help at early stages? Too bad you can’t buy gastrograffin (for obvious reasons).

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I had my j-pouch surgery in 2012-13, and in the years after that I had a number of painful blockages that sent me to the hospital. The gastroenterologist in charge there, who is also a surgeon, had been keeping an eye on my frequent hospital visits and finally recommended surgery to remove adhesions, in consultation with my regular gastro doctor. It was laparoscopic, just an hour or two, shorter and easier than he'd expected. Since then I've had no obstructions at all.  So, don't be afraid of getting adhesions removed.

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