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I had a total colectomy and ileorectal anastamosis almost 2 years ago and I have been doing till now.

I am curious if I have blockage. I've been passing some gas and burping since Saturday. On Saturday morning, I ate a can of peanuts and I forgot to drink much water. Thus, I had difficulty going to bathroom. I drunk a lot of water and I went to the bathroom very often until it burns. So, I took two immodium pills.
I don't have much stool since I didn't take much food yesterday except 2 packet of ramen noodles and 2 banana at different time. Today, I just try drinking a lot of water and try going to the toilet but not much stool. Also, it is ver hard to get some stool too.

I am scared if I have blockage and hospital is not an option since I am at China now.

Can anybody give me some advise and what's the symptom for blockage or anything? Thanks a lot.
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Is your stomach extended and hard? Have you vomited? These are the signs when my daughter has a blockage, distended abdomen and waves of pain. She finds walking and even getting on her knees and butt in the air and swaying from side to side sometimes helps. I think I have read on here if you start vomiting a lot you may need to head to the ER. I don;t know about the warm water, but it sounds like it could help.

Maybe someone else will come along with more to add.

Hope is resolves quickly.
If you think you have a blockage, the things you took wouldn't be the best thing for it. In the future don't take bowel slowers (Imodium) or pain killers (they also slow down the bowel). Don't eat bulking foods like bananas and ramen. Drink liquids, move around as much as possible, take warm baths or use a heating pad if you're in pain. Drinking warm water is good.

I've forced myself to vomit when I've had a partial blockage - that offers a little relief. I've also jumped up and down (trying to force the offending blockage further along) and I roll on my belly an exercise ball. Since you're in China, try getting on all fours and having someone grip your hips and whip them from side to side quickly - that can sometimes get things moving past the blockage. Again, keep moving around as much as you can.

But no more imodium or bulking foods until things are back to normal. Broths would be okay. And try to stay hydrated. However, if you start vomiting or you're passing nothing over an extended period of time I think you might need to seek medical attention.

Partial blockages usually pass. That's the good news.

And don't eat peanuts in the future without drinking lots of water....

kathy Big Grin

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