Yesterday, I found myself in a situation that has not happened to me since I have had my k pouch. I was overdue for an intubation and I had my tube but no lubrication jelly. I used some saliva and managed to insert the catheter even though I could feel scraping and it was uncomfortable. I thought if anything I would scrape up my stoma a little. I must have scraped up the lining of my pouch because today I am noticing a good amount of blood mixed in my stool. I am panicking because my pouch has been practically perfect for the past several years and I am scared I ruined it. Has this ever happened to anyone? Will it heal itself if I watch it over the next few days? I am about a 3-4 hour drive away from Dr. Rehnke's office and I am not sure what they could/would do about it. I would love to hear some advice from the veteran pouchers on here.....  

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hi--sorry for the bleeding.  it is always frightening.  when i had difficulty intubating due to the hernia/slipped valve problem i frequently would nick the valve or some region near it, and this caused bleeding.  a scan to assess the hernia assessed that this was the source of bleeding.  the doctor called it an ulcer,  but discussion with him narrowed it down to the catheter causing the bleeding.  perhaps ulcer is a loose term, i don't know.  i was super careful, used lots of lub and it healed on its own.

as you are aware any amount of gi bleeding always looks like a lot.  check in with us tomorrow as to whether the bleeding is less.   hope so!  janet

Thanks, Janet. I was so nervous I called and spoke to Nurse Susan Kay and she reassured me that because that area is so vascular, a small cut will make for a good amount of blood. She recommended irrigating with ice water so that the cold would constrict the vessels and to use lots of lube. It is much better now, almost completely gone from what I can tell. 

It is like PTSD, when I see a lot of blood in the toilet, I instantly flash back to my UC days..... It makes me realize that although I am living a happy, normal life, I am one pouch malfunction away from a nightmare at all times....super scary....


It happens Rosie, 

It is usually nick or scrape something inside and then there is a copious amount of blood for a few hours or not usually goes away rather quickly.

Try dipping the cath in plain tap water next time or use some vegetable oil.


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