just seeking any words of advice or comfort. 

Had colitis 10years

had jpouch has surgery 9 years ago by a very very good surgeon. 

Had a great result thus far. Lived life to its full. No issues really except A few obstructions, but got over that by amending diet a little bit. No drugs or meds since the day I left hospital 9 years ago  

However today  for the first time I’m passing blood. Only when I have BM. No other symptoms really. Pouch feels a bit “twitchy” but quite minor. 

The only other thing to mention is about a week ago I had 2 nights where I had leaks. Pretty solid ones. And I’ve almost never had leaks. And since then my BMs have seemed a bit off normal pattern. And I thought I noticed a small amount of blood a few days ago, but passed it off as possibly the spag bowl I ate, or the tomato sauce etc. but tonight there’s no way it’s food. It’s blood for sure. 

So quick google search makes me think pouchitis or cuffitis. Neither sound overly great and I have a tendency to always jump to the worst conclusion! I’m already worried I’m going to lose my pouch and end up with a permanent stoma! Or back on immunosuppressant drugs for life! Nooooo  

I don’t really have anyone to talk to, so asking here. 

I’m booked to see my GP in 2 days time. Currently don’t have a gastroenterologist or take any drugs/meds. 

Any words or advice would be greatly appreciated 


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Cuffitis is more typically associated with bleeding, but if pouchitis causes ulceration, that can bleed, too. You should probably find a knowledgeable gastroenterologist. It’s best to think about treatments before you give too much thought to pouch failure. Most conditions are straightforward to manage.

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