OK, so 3 weeks ago I had my annual pouchoscopy with Dr Shen. everything looked good except 2 small ulcers at inlet of pouch. Put on Tindamax for 14 days. On the 14th day, which was this past Friday, I went to bathroom and all blood with clots. Scared me horribly. Drove home and about an hour later I go to bathroom, more blood and clots. Then again 90 minutes later. I drove down to main campus ER. They just did 3 sets of labs and held me for observation overnight. The third lab was perfect as the first 2 were. Hemoglobin in range and steady. And no blood during the night or next day. They sent me home and to follow up with Shen on Monday. Shen emails me sunday night and said I must get pouchoscopy Monday morning. Call off work and find a ride down there. Original ulcers from previous scope are gone so antibiotic worked, but I had several ulcers at the suture line that appeared angry so Shen said that's where blood must have come from. He put 5 endoclips  on the ulcers and sent me on my way. No bleeding since Friday night but where did these bloody ulcers come from out of nowhere?? No meds or instructions so I emailed his nurse this morning to followup.. here is what she said:

previous ulcers gone, antibiotic helped, endoclips keep tissue closed so it can heal faster and clips will fall out in days/weeks, no meds, and no diet restrictions..

this made me nervous.. said suture line ulcers most likely related to decreased blood flow, antibiotics wont help there. oxygen therapy is best.

I thought suture line ulcers were pretty common??  and I remember having them awhile back and Shen said nothing to worry about they are normal.

when I hear decreased blood flow I think ischemic pouch??? so are they normal or aren't they? and why did they all of a sudden appear and bleed so badly with clots? I have office visit with Shen but not til Dec 18th..


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Dr Shen emailed and stated that they are ischemic ulcers on the suture line and it is common and usually don't report it on the finding unless there is an issue, like mine I guess. He said if I start bleeding again I will need another pouchoscopy... fingers crossed I don't cuz between 2 scopes and a hospital visit I am broke..  if I start having issues I may consider removal of this pouch and go perm ileo. I just have not been feeling great past several months. Losing weight as well, with leakage.

I have been dealing with severe GI hemorrhages since January of last year.I have an area that connects my small bowel with j pouch that had an ulcer that keeps bleeding that has caused me to have 11 transfusions of blood within a year. Are you on medication? How are things going now?

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