Has anyone experienced a bladder fistula? If so, could you please tell me what your symptoms were and how it was treated....meds or surgically?
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Well that's not good that you're 'getting' to experience something new in life. Other than that, how has your health been?

kathy Big Grin
Hi! Other than recurring bowel obstructions I have been doing pretty well. Just a little worried that I may now have a bladder fistula which is scaring me tremendously! I hate the thought of more surgery, going back to the bag or having a urinary catheter for weeks on end. I'm really scared to even see the dr. Hoping I could get some info thru here first. Thanks for responding! I hope you are doing well, too!
The symptoms of a bladder fistula are repeated bladder infections and passage of gas from the bladder/urethra. A CT might reveal it.

Jan Smiler
Yep, been experiencing those symptoms off and on. I had a bowel obstruction about 2 weeks ago and they did a CT for that. Wonder why it didn't show up on th CT?

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