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Hi everyone,

I have two anal fistulae and 2 setons. I also have 3 strictures and pouchitis.   I would so appreciate any input from my fellow pouchers.  I had my last dose of Entyvio 3 weeks ago after starting last September.

I was in the hospital on Zosyn and home on Amoxicillin.  I’m allergic to Flagyl, but used Cipro for years to control pouchitis.  
My GI and surgeon have prescribed Humira to help heal the fistulae. I’ve read that the efficacy rate is only 60%.

I was on Remicade from 2012 -2017 only to develop antibodies.  That was the best that I’d felt in many years.

My question is, is Humira the best biologic  for fistula?  There are 2 biosimilar drugs to Remicade that have much better efficacy than Humira.  Would I be disqualified from taking the similar biologics?

Thanks very much!

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