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I am soooo very frustrated.  I have had my ileo for just about two years and the first year it was quite manageable without leaks.  My stoma is on the right side of my belly button and that is where the problem lies.  I have frequent leaks on that side.  I change the pouch every two days due to a leak and the past few days it's been twice a day.  This has happened off and on during the last year.  One time it was so bad i changed 5 x in one day.  I use paste in my belly button to even the area out and it still leaks under the seal.  I have tried different brands to no avail. It can be such a hassle when I have just eaten and notice a leak.  My stoma is spurting all over the place and it can take a very long time to finish the job because of the mess.  I changed last night, this morning and just now i noticed another leak.  I don't know what to do.  This can sure put a damper on your life.  Any suggestions?  

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Donna, do you have access to an ostomy nurse? I started leaking two months after my surgery. I made an appointment with the OS at the hospital where I had my surgery - a plus because she accepted my insurance - and she helped. I'm pretty sure we can see them at any time after surgery. At least I hope so, because our skin changes.

Oh yes.  I have tried everything under the sun.  I cannot figure it out - sometimes i can last 3 days and other times a leak after 6 hours.  I do the exact same thing every time.  Like i said earlier, the stoma is an inch away from my navel which is the root of my problem but why would it work like a charm sometimes and other times be a disaster.


I had my surgery just about two years ago out of the area so it is not easy to get an ostomy nurse.  I have talked to many in the past and was in the hospital for an ostomy revision in May actually.  My stoma had retracted on the bottom so it was flush with my belly.  It took awhile to heal and it was better at first but now problems again.  I am going through so many supplies - it's crazy.  

My stoma is also an inch away from my belly button. That is not my problem, I have dips when I sit at the 3 and 9 o'clock position. My leakage is under the flange, only once going onto the paper. I too have no idea how to stop it and the only way I know is when I change, thus doing havoc to my skin. I thried the rings the last time, everything seemed good, waited 4 days and when I took it off, stool under the flange on the rings! 

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