I have been meaning to express my 2 cents worth on this topic for a long time but simply did not get around to it yet...

Further to my other posts about my health status / personal j-pouch story, I felt it necessary to add this post.  It's been 17.5 years since my 1-step j-pouch surgery.  The one piece of equipment that I simply could not live without is some form of a bidet.  By that I am referring to our electric toilet seat bidets that we connected to our toilets by replacing the standard seats and water connections.  It also refers to the hand-held bidets I use when traveling.   

I am posting because I would like to know if I am in a small or large percentage of j-pouchers who absolutely NEED to clean themselves with warm water rather than toilet paper for a majority their many daily bowel movements.  As long as I am able to use water for a good number of my daily BMs I feel okay.  However - and it has happened before - going away for a couple of days and forgetting to take my hand-held bidet with me makes for a very long couple of days! 

Eating my own delicious home-made chili for dinner tonight...  The result:  let's just say that I paid the price pretty badly.  Was it worth it?  At the time - yes!  After the fact - maybe a bowl of oatmeal would have felt a lot better for myself.  At any rate, after eating to satiety, the result was about 5-6 BMs before I went to bed and another couple after that.  Had I not used water to clean myself after most or all of them, I would be in BIG trouble.  The big meal ended up going through my system quickly and as I lie in bed a few hours later, after getting up to have yet another BM and now unable to sleep, I feel very empty and hungry as a result.  Amazing how fast a large meal can exit my body! 

Not trying to be funny, believe me.  I am certain that without using some form of bidet, I would be in agony.  With a bidet, my anus can handle the traffic often with no problem.  I am not confident that remicade or Entyvio would help.  I know that had I taken even more codeine prior to my large chili dinner, I would not have had as many trips nor feel as empty as I now do (although I would not do that with my codeine dosage for that purpose).

Do you use bidets - and if so - how big a part of your life are they?  







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I got a very nice bidet about 10 years after my surgery. I wish I had done it much sooner. Leaving my bidet behind is one of my least favorite things about travel. My bottom becomes uncomfortable pretty quickly with TP, although it was much less sensitive before I became a bidet user.

I got my bidet within a couple of weeks after takedown. I used it religiously for quite a few months.  However, I have not needed it for about six months now.  I am 17 mos. post takedown tomorrow.  The last time I used it was July just before my first pouchoscopy.  I typically use Cottonelle toilet paper and it works just fine.  I also don't need wipes or Calmoseptine at this point.  I also am not a fan of spicy foods in general but tend to eat most other foods.  I guess I am very lucky.  I also have 4-5 bm's a day and nothing at night.

I bought my bidet after reading about them on this site, thank you JPouch.org!! At the time I only had the travel bidet bottle to use at home, and it was really excellent to take with me whenever away from the house. I ordered a toilet attachment from Amazon. I spent a few extra dollars and got the one with hot and cold water. It has saved me from torturous burn, pain, and helped heal my early fissures. They are great because they don't need electricity or special renovations or space. Just hook up to existing water pipes under the sink. So simple. No more fire-bum, pain, raw skin from using toilet paper. I will never be without a bidet!  (If you are away from the house and don't want to carry the travel bidet bottle, try keeping thick moistened paper towels in a zip lock Baggie in your pocket or bag. Toilet paper in public washrooms can be like sandpaper to a poucher with sore bum.)

I’ve only ever used a bidet on our honeymoon in Hawaii, not before nor since. It wasn’t the magical solution others say it was, at least not for me personally. Due to excessive scar tissue and bowel obstruction after my J-pouch surgery it was nearly 3.5 months of not using the bathroom in a traditional manner. After the final takedown surgery, I remember stopping frequently on the drive home nearly in tears in the bathroom due to the sensitivity and fear of wiping. That was nearly 8 years ago now and I feel 100% “normal” now. I am incredibly fortunate however as I can go an entire work shift (8-10) hours without a BM if I must (although that becomes uncomfortable). On average I have 5-6 BMs a day and very very rarely any during the night. If it helps, then use it! We have to take advantage of anything that works, for times of stomach distress I turn to Metamucil. Slows everything down, gets rid of watery diarrhea, and “firey” BMs.

I had my take down in 2000 and did not get a bidet seat until this past year when I developed an anal fistula.  I wish I had it all those years ago just after take down and my first bout of pouchitis when I was experiencing acid wash poops and then would get a yeast infection around my anus.  Fun times.  This is sooo much better than TP

I've had a TOTO Washlet since 2002 when I had my takedown.  I'm the only one who uses it (by my choice!).  I don't carry a portable bidet to use away from home.  In Japan, as well as in other Asian countries,  just about every bathroom has a bidet or a hose attached to a water source (faucet).  It is truly wonderful!

I love, love, love my bidet!  I'm not well controlled and nearly 1.5 post take down, I definitely couldn't live without it.  I do a combination of rinsing and then patting with Cottonelle toilet paper- soft only, not strong.  I've used the portable bidet with travel and while it's better than nothing, I still really miss my home bidet.  But, like I said, I'm not well controlled at this point.  Maybe in the future...

I can’t live without my bidet or travel one

18 years jpouch I got my first one immediately after my takedown 

I had a Coco bidet for about 6 years.  They don't get you as clean as you would think and they make a mess of the toilet bowl.  Baby wipes have been an absolute God send.  I threw out my bidet about a year ago and haven't thought about it since.  I buy my baby wipes from Aldis, they are called Little Journey thick quilted baby wipes.  They are softer than Huggies.

I pat with regular toilet paper; it used to be called Charmin for sensitive skin (or something like that); now they use the word "gentle".  Any other toilet paper hurts or gives me dingleberries.   Then I use Charmin Freshmates (wipes).  Works for me.  The Freshmates are a lot cheaper if you buy a dozen packs at a time on Amazon.  I've experienced Bidets in Europe.  Loved them.  

I am a renter and didn't want to bother with trying to install an actual bidet, so I got a very inexpensive "travel bidet" plastic squeeze bottle with a spout, via Amazon, and find it very helpful. It leaks a bit from the bottom and that's no problem at home, I just keep it on the floor next to the toilet, but I don't take it for travel - it hasn't been a problem. The Charmin Freshmates sound like a good idea for travel though - will check it out. Anyway, I recommend the squeeze bottle as a cheap/easy way.

Before I bought the bidet toilet seat I just used an old squirt bottle and it worked quite well.  It just needs to be soft enough to get a good spray going.  Has anyone ever used perineal spray for their sore butt?  I just saw some for new moms and thought it might be a good thing for us.  It is basically just witch hazel and essential oils, easy enough to make ones self.

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