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My Novita bidet stopped working while still under warranty.  We shipped it back (no trivial task) and they repaired it.  But, here I am 6 months later and it stopped working again.  I loved my Nais and it lasted 15 years but it doesn't appear to be made any longer.  


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I’ve been happy with my Toto Washlet, but I did have to send it in for repair (and my brother also had to have his repaired), so maybe durability isn’t its best feature. I really like the feature that sprays the bowl as you approach the toilet - it helps keep anything from sticking.

I went the whole 9 yards and installed a Toto bidet which I connected to both hot and cold water.  It worked out well for me, and fortunately I am very handy with plumbing and had the space to install it beside my toilet.  This would be a good solution for those whose circumstances would permit it.

I'm  looking for a bidet that isn't  as hard to keep clean as my 7 year old coco bidet.  My bidet is also not functioning  properly.  I'm  also looking  for  a portable  bidet so that  I can be comfortable  going on vacation.  Any  recommendations?



I have had my Toto for 15 years. It was sent in once - about 5 years ago - to be repaired. They sent it back with all the hard water deposits cleaned off and looking and working great. It just recently got undependable and I have purchased another, the one with the e-water. I am excited to have my husband install it and use it. He is not as excited as me.

I also have the Toto travel bidet. It works well, but I could not use it in a public restroom with stalls as I need to fill it at least twice to get clean. I would not want to travel without it, though. The butt gets way too sore if I have to wipe every time. Another helpful thing is to buy your preferred TP once you reach your destination. Motels... always buy the cheapest stuff  and it tears me to pieces.

I've had my TOTO Washlet for 15 years.  It is beginning to show its age and so today I went shopping for a new one.  Actually, I want one similar to what I have.  They no longer make the model I own but one which is similar.  The best news is that it is $347!!!!!!  I'm not handy so I'll have my plumber switch it out for me.  He put the one I have in for me years ago!  Best wishes!

I thought I wanted a toilet seat bidet but ended up buying a handheld Brondell Bidet stocked at my local Home Depot for $70. Took 20 minutes to install, no hot water though. Great water pressure and I can aim wherever I choose. Model CSL-70. I've had mine for 2 years. 

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