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My Novita bidet stopped working while still under warranty.  We shipped it back (no trivial task) and they repaired it.  But, here I am 6 months later and it stopped working again.  I loved my Nais and it lasted 15 years but it doesn't appear to be made any longer.  


Thanks so much!

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I’ve been happy with my Toto Washlet, but I did have to send it in for repair (and my brother also had to have his repaired), so maybe durability isn’t its best feature. I really like the feature that sprays the bowl as you approach the toilet - it helps keep anything from sticking.

I went the whole 9 yards and installed a Toto bidet which I connected to both hot and cold water.  It worked out well for me, and fortunately I am very handy with plumbing and had the space to install it beside my toilet.  This would be a good solution for those whose circumstances would permit it.

I'm  looking for a bidet that isn't  as hard to keep clean as my 7 year old coco bidet.  My bidet is also not functioning  properly.  I'm  also looking  for  a portable  bidet so that  I can be comfortable  going on vacation.  Any  recommendations?



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