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I had my jpouch surgeries in 2000, and have done very well with it!  
I have recently been diagnosed with obstructive and central apnea, and have been acclimating to a BIPAP machine.  However, I am getting LOTS of gas, and having accidents at night!  And I will soon have to have the pressure of the air go higher, as it is not where it should be.

Are there suggestions of what I might do or eat or not eat to help me with this situation?  I am using a pad at night in case of an accident.  But sometimes the gas is quite painful as I awaken.  I HAVE to have the BIPAP so I need help in making adjustments for my insides.  



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I started BiPAP a couple of years ago and haven’t experienced increased gas. If you’re swallowing air perhaps a chin strap would be worth a try. I can think of two possible causes of the nighttime accidents: the increased gas or the deeper (and better!) sleep. Do you take a bowel slower (Imodium or Lomotil) at bedtime? I’ve found Lomotil to be helpful. A small, fatty meal (like a spoonful of peanut butter) at bedtime can also slow things down. Good luck!

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