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19 years ago daughter had ileostomy then J-pouch - she had lost 55 lbs and with 22 blood transfusions they said she would have to have surgery. About six months ago she started getting an abcess -(hard lump) has gone to world reknown hospital as well as local where her CEA was high but even an oncologist told her she did not have cancer. Well we just came from a well known DC colo-rectal Dr. He can't believe it - she has colon cancer but not a colon? She has had every kind of tests the last three months and now tell her she needs chemo - so before she does anything she is going to see the surgeon who originally did the surgery who is 19 hours away and the oncologist (local)who told her she did not have cancer and gave her a rather pestered look ---
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Yes, unfortunately, I believe that we can still get colon cancer in the rectal stump (the piece of the rectum that they leave in) is one of the unfortunate risks of leaving it there...make sure that she sees her surgeon and please find someone to take a biopsy of the lump to confirm the diagnosis...good luck to your daughter no matter what it is.
She wants to see the Dr who did her original j-pouch 19 years ago and problem is he is 19 hours away now - she has been in a DC hospital who had a colo/rectal Dr and after tests called her in and told her they wanted to start chemo - she could go to the Baltimore hospital where she had the original surgery and original surgeon recommended one - I feel so bad because as she said the only one who kept her away from the cut happy Doctors is the one 19 miles away AND TRUSTS HIM She is in pain - I think as it is now after she sees the local oncologist who I also saw tmorrow - we will be heading for CC -
skn - today I saw a report that she took to oncologist - adenocarcinoma - sad she had a cancer scan two years ago - has been around to different Doctors as her CEA kept raising now it 54 - cancer is in lining by j-pouch -I understand first chemo to shrink cancer - she had a ostomy before the reconnect - one colo/rectal Dr said he could possibly rebuild - HAS THEIR BEEN ANY IMPROVEMENTS WITH BAGS IN THE LAST 19 YEARS?? She is afraid to go to a local oncologist as she had read stories in general about how they do not provide full strength - She is a basket of nerves - trying to fly to the original surgeons office and then back the next day for the shunt to be put in - - -

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