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Hi all :-)

I have recently written guide for new j-pouchers. The book is a collection of tips on coping with everything from the physical and emotional impact of having a j-pouch to discussing your condition on social media and learning how to fart again. It is intended to be both humorous (I hope!) and practical. I would love to have some of you (newbies and veterans alike) look it over to see if it's any good, or if there is anything I have missed out. No payment, but you'll have my undying gratitude, public acknowledgment, and a copy of the finished product :-) The only requirement on your end is your honesty, and that you have an eReader of sorts (Kobo, Kindle, iPhone, computer).

Message me if you're interested, and I'll provide you with more information.

Thanks :-) A.

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For anyone else who is wondering, I had severe ulcerative colitis for 3 years before having my colon removed. I then had an ostomy, and eventually became the proud owner of a j-pouch. I am currently in the process of being diagnosed with Crohn's. My book is based on my personal experiences with my j-pouch. It is the sort of book I wished I had when I first became a j-poucher, and I am hoping that people find the blend of humor and practicality helpful! We're all in this together, after all :-)

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