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Hi, all! I had my j-pouch created (and a loop ileostomy) on 9/8/20, and I'll have my takedown in late December. I want to try thickening up my stool. First, what are some effective stool binding supplements? And second, I've heard that output consistency can change a lot from before takedown to after. If this is the case, does it even make sense to experiment with thickening before my takedown? Would I be better off experimenting after takedown?

Thanks in advance, everyone! I'm really happy to be here!


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I’ve had good results with psyllium in powder form (rather than capsules). The wafers worked fine, too, but I don’t want quite so many cookies in my diet.

Because the loop ileostomy is upstream it bypasses the last part of the small intestine. For many folks this makes a considerable difference in nutrition and stool consistency. In addition, the optimal consistency for a loop ileostomy may not be the same as what’s best for your J-pouch. If you have a current need then by all means address it, but the experiments will more or less have to start over after takedown.

Good luck!

I used metamucil when I had my loop ostomy and thought for sure I'd use it after takedown. I have tried it numerous times and it does not work well with my pouch, meaning gas and increased frequency. I dont use anything and find I do pretty well at 7 months out, other than I've been on antibiotics three times for suspected pouchitis. However, everyone is different so just experiment to see what works for you.  I've never had extremely runny stools consistently. I take immodium if I do otherwise no meds for me.

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