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I may need to have my pouch excised but I've been told it will be complicated because it's been re-done (by Dr. Fazio).  I"m living part of the year in New Hampshire so am looking in Boston.  I'll go to Cleveland or NYC if needed but am wondering if there are any great j-pouch docs in the Boston area.


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Dr Peter Marcello at The Lahey Clinic in Mass. is one of the top surgeons for this and is mine. He has taught many other surgeons how to do jpouch surgeries laparoscopy way with tiny incisions for many years now. The New England chapter of the crohns colitis foundation told me over 2 decades ago he was their top doctor/surgeon on the east coast. He knows his stuff and has dealt with people needing a jpouch from a disease or cancer issues.

Hi JHills and Hazel - Thanks for the rec.  You both had your surgeries a long time ago at Lahey.  Do you know if those docs are still there and still doing j-pouches?  Mine will likely be an open surgery because of all the scar tissue from my past open surgeries.   Do you know if they are experts at open surgeries as well?

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I believe Dr. Schoetz is still practicing - he just had a 35 years celebration.  I have not seen him in about 15 years.  I also would say to get a consultation with him.  Not sure how far you are from the Lahey Clinic.  I live in Maine and did (and would sill if I had to) drive the 2 hours to see him.  I’m not sure what an open surgery is so I can’t speak to that.  I’m sure the surgeon you pick will be the best surgeon for you!  Good luck and keep us posted!  I just want to say one more thing about Dr. Schoetz and his team.  I felt like I was in the best care in the world!!  Seriously..and their bedside manner was top notch!

Dr Peter Marcello at Lahey and in his fifties and is the leading surgeon there and has trained others on the east coast and central part of our country for years on jpouch surgery done laperoscopy way with tiny incisions. His office also sees cancer patients needing intestine surgery as well. He is still amazing!!! Do as many consultations with different surgeons as you like because you are paying them. All my best to you!

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