I was researching the best Center for IBD in the North-East for my son who needs surgery for UC and came up with some information I wanted to share. This is what came up - most of the Centers are in NYC.

Mt Sinai - established Center with several doctors. Lots of experience. Some of the things they do though are old fashioned and may lead to pouch problems. Also several of the experiences surgeons have left or retired: Dr Greenstien, Dr Bauer and the others are nearing retirement. Some of the midlevel surgeons are active. There are a few that do not take insurance. 

Cornell - Dr Milsom is the one experienced surgeon for IBD. Experienced but does not take insurance. 

NYU - Dr Remzi who left Cleveland Clinic when there were changes is now in NYU. Trained under Dr Fazio. He is experienced but mostly does open surgery. May not complete surgeries with minimally invasive. 

Columbia - has a group of experienced surgeons from Cleveland Clinic. Dr Kiran, Dr Geisler and Dr Kiely. All trained under Dr Fazio. Dr Geisler who operated on my friend does single incision surgery - did the world's first pouch surgery with this technique. 

These seem to be the choice for centers with good results. Even compared to some other centers like Cleveland Clinic and Lahey Clinic, NYC seems to be the place for the best surgeons, since most of the experienced and medium experienced surgeons at these centers seem to have left or retired.

I live in Boston and have decided to see Dr Geisler and also get the opinion of Dr Kiely who does laparoscopic surgery since the Columbia program seems to be complete. Will seek a second opinion from one of the other Centers and then decide.

Does anyone have any suggestions? Would appreciate any advice.




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I am in CT and had my surgeries at Yale with Dr. Vikram Reddy.  Excellent surgeon.  My surgeries were done laporiscopically and I have had excellent results.  Not as big as some of the others, but I believe Dr. Reddy is a good choice.  You can google him if you'd like.

We have a a few surgeries at Weill Cornell in New York.  Dr Shulka and his team are amazing surgeons and extremely calming, kind, and caring.  We really loved him.  Unfortunately, we just switched over to NYU and Dr Remzi.  He is from the Cleveland Clinic and last year moved to New York.  My only complaint about NYU is that there pain management team sucks.  But unfortunately due to extreme complications that my son has been experiencing we need Dr Remzi.  I’m very grateful that he is in NY now.  And the complications have nothing to do with Dr Shulka!  It’s just that things got so bad that we needed Dr Remzi and his personal experience.  

Dr. Reddy is my surgeon also. He's an excellent surgeon, is very highly regarded by his peers, and he has a lovely, caring bedside manner. My GI had told me that until Reddy got established here, he would have recommended I go to NY or Boston, but that Reddy is the best.  He has done both steps of my surgery. He tells the truth but gently. I went in for a planned Step One 7 months ago, and when he operated (laparoscopically) he found cancer in the colon and in 6 of 44 lymph nodes. He kept cutting, and got all the cancer. He had excellent advice re. an oncologist and treatment options, and just completed my Reversal, one month post-chemo.

His staff is knowledgeable and kind also, and he works with a marvelous ostomy nurse.

Dr. Reddy was also my doctor's surgeon and he spoke very highly of him.  I second everything that Teacherlady has said. We also researched several surgeons and met with Dr. Reddy prior to me actually needing surgery.  I wanted to have someone in mind just in case.  Right from the start, I was impressed with his knowledge and manner and have not been disappointed.  His nurse, Maggie, is great!

Thank you. Will weigh all options recommended. Considering staying with my choice. My friend said that the advantage of the Columbia team is that they have experience with everything. He said that when things get complicated too they have the expertise, which is important. For complicated cases, pouch problems, they have the expertise of Dr Kiran who is very experienced in avoiding permanent colostomy and trained by Dr Fazio to do revision surgery. He also does the K pouch - not many people are experienced with this any longer. Will update everyone on how things go.


We saw Dr Kiran. Really liked him. He is calm, confident and has excellent staff. I met a couple of patients from out of town seeing him the same day - some with pouch problems. One said that he was there since he is one of the few who does pouch revision surgery and also K pouches and that Dr Fazio had recommended him and said that he would send most of his patients to him after he moved to NYC. We think we will stay with them.


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