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I have had my K-Pouch for 35 years, and done quite well.  I am now on blood thinners for a blood clot I have.  I have been using the Marlen 30 Fr for many years, but I feel like the side holes on it, will scrape and make my stoma bleed.  It already is some.  Anyone have more flexible, and gentle catheters they are using.  Maybe without the side holes?   Thanks for your help!

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Wow 35 years is impressive..  I am sorry about the blood clot.  I hope your doctor understands how some of us constantly or episodically have blood dripping.

Recently I too experience bleeding from the Marlen 30 Fr.  Maybe poor quality control in factory?  For those who haven't experienced this--the holes' edges are sharp and ever so much protrude from outside of catheter.  Subsequently these edges can cut the stoma as well as inside.  

One or both of two actions can mitigate the problem--although, please, if others have a solution please post it.  One action is to cut a very small amount of the edges down with a small, sharp knife (Swiss Army to the rescue!)  Then sand the edges, first with 120 sandpaper, and then with 220 or 360.  Or just try sanding, although will take longer.  I cut and sand at an angle,  sort of like a bevel.  Now that the procedure is down pat it takes me less than ten minutes.

It is important not to make the holes in a 30 Fr larger.  The catheter is not thick enough, and folds upon itself, at the mid point of the holes.  With the 34 Fr I have made the holes bigger, which at certain times is greatly appreciated.  Nice to have others understand those certain times.

Get back to me if you have questions.  If you want we can talk on phone--PM me with phone number and time.  Keep us posted please, Jan

I alternate better the cheap Medena with 3 holes and the Marlen with the bullet tip (2 holes). Both 30 French.  The plastic used for the Marlen is somewhat softer, and the bullet tip makes for a smooth entry.
I would also say that you should make sure you are using plenty of lube so the catheter glides in more smoothly.  

I have never received an order of the Marlen bullet tip catheters with rough edges. They would be exchanging them for me.
Another tip- when you have food stuck in the wholes of the catheter, use tweezers to remove it. If you bend the catheter at the whole to try to dislodge the food, it will eventually crack at the edge of the hole from bending it there.

After 40 years of the Weber & Judd 29FR 24 inch catheter that has been discontinued for over 3 years now, it was a huge disappointment for those of us that preferred a longer length for so many positive reasons.  Marlen Mfg. has a very pliable, bullet tipped 30 Fr 24 inch catheter.  I love this catheter because it's so pliable.  I too found that the Marlen 15 inch length caused some bleeding with my stoma, This hasn't happened with this one. Some people said this newer version is too pliable and can't insert it. I've never had that issue.  Marlen is working on a material that is between the original catheter that is 15 inches and the much more pliable one.  Due to Covid, this hasn't happened that I know of. Just call Marlen Mfg, and item #15285  for 30FR  24 inch length.  Good luck, hope it works for you.

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