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I am 52 and overall thin guy. I am 5'8 160 lbs. just have a fat belly.

i know Dr Shen always said dont get a fat belly as its not good for the jpouch. My diet is not great and i dont exercise at all. I have a treadmill so going to start tonight 30 minutes of brisk walking. I am right off cutting out sodas, more water. what should i be eating ? obviously less sugar and carbs. but can someone give me some food ideas for the day?

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I'm of no use with your issue.

But since I had a pouch and have gone to an end ileo I have gained belly fat. I weigh 199 pounds. Never in my life have I weighed this much. I'm 67. 

I was always thin. Flat belly.  160-170 pounds my whole life.

Belly fat is hard to get rid of. I've tried and given up. Lazy in me.

But don't you give up. If you have the determination to do the exercise I am confident you can lose it. Along with a proper diet.

I have a question for you and all here.

Therapy after surgery.

Has anyone here. Pouch or end directed to therapy?

I never was. In hindsight I don't understand why it was never given or even suggested to get the belly built back.

Whether it was open or laproscopic surgery. Especially open.

As for food ideas. I think you mentioned what and what to cut back on. Heck I don't even eat that much anymore.

Breakfast. And kinda a lunch. Alot of pasta. That's probably not good.  Rice. I eat alot of rice.

Good luck. (I'm rambling.

Someone here will be of real help. 


i am not suppoed to really lift weights as i had a redo and a hernia repair a few months after takedown of my redo pouch. i had gallbladder out 2 years ago and have the start of another small hernia. so treadmill it is and cutting back on some carbs and soda. ive been on treadmill for 4 days now and up to 3.2 miles as of last night. mainly brisk walking but i did squeeze in several minutes of a fast jog.. but im always hungry..

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Everything I've read indicates increasing protein, cutting out sugar and refined carbs (think: white breads, pasta, rice) plus eating early in the day & allowing for a long fast between a mid afternoon meal and morning are things that can help drop weight. It's as much what you eat as how much - fiber of whatever form and amount you can tolerate is important. And if you're like me and enjoy milk products, sticking to whole/ full-fat is ok. Just eat less.   Whole, unprocessed  foods in general are more likely to make you feel full without cravings associated with processed foods.  And eating this way is good for whatever gut remains.

Using an app like My Fitness Pal can help make you more aware of how much you're eating, when you're eating, and nutritional value.   Back before I lost my colon and was actually trying to drop weight/ belly fat, these are the things that worked for me.  Plus walking more.  

I just started gaining back weight around 16-17 mos after take-down.  It's good weight now - but I know I've got to shift my thinking about what I eat if I want to stay where I am.  All those months of rice pudding, bananas, peanut butter and baked potatoes are clearly behind me. . . .

I wish I could be more determined in getting an exercise regime going.

I have tried. We do have equipment. But in the end I find it boring. And I just won't keep doing it. 

Bad thing about it. It makes me feel better. Stronger. But even with that. Well I'm just lazy.

I did manual labor all my working life.  That kept me in shape.  But since I retired 4 years ago. Well. I've reverted to being a lazy teenager.

Kudos to anyone who an do it and keep a regular routine of it.

I Ned a magic pill or the right mindset to exercise and keep doing it on a regular basis.


I walk alot.

Still have belly fat.

But I walk to get off my dead butt. Lol. And I do enjoy it. Great excuse to get out of the house. We live in a fairly remote area. So it easy.. And I have two dogs that need to be exercised every day.  That is a great excuse to walk. And I do enjoy the dogs running around playing.  And they need exercise too.

It's good for body and mind to just walk.


Nobody would see me out here. Live on the back of 21 acres.  But I'd still wait for leaves to come on the trees.

I'd still have to walk. Bad feet. Plantar fasciitis prevents me from any kind of hard walking or "dancing"... Lol.

And I have to pay attention to the dogs. They are both deaf.  They stick by me but still have to keep a close eye on them. They can't get off the property. It's completely fenced. If I have food in my pocket they stick to me like glue.

But none of what I do gets rid of belly fat.

I was thinking of sit ups. But if I do those I woukd not be able to move for a week.

But sit-ups in my mind would be a good way to reduce it.


I have some chronic conditions too.  Certain joints ache.  Certain spots itch and get scaly.  It gets worse and better.  Haven't found a proper treatment yet.  Supposedly there is something for those two conditions.  It's also used to treat ulcerative colitis, which I had when my colon was intact.  A rheumatologist has to prescribe.  I'm working on getting an appointment....gotta do all the insurance hoop jumping.

It took me more than 5 years to establish a healthy diet and exercise regimen. Because i hate eating healthy and I hate exercising. But I am making progress. I've lost 20 pounds since 2020.

The first step was admitting I had to do it.

The second step was getting myself to eat three substantial meals each day at predictable times. That helped me not crave sweets. Then I got cookbooks and learned to make everything from scratch over time so I could control the ingredients. I do not eat white sugar or white flour. My husband and I rarely eat out anymore because we like our own cooking better than most restaurants. I do eat plenty of carbs and food that tastes good but I just make sure its all whole grains.

I made an account on which seems to be free and you can enter in all your food to see how many calories you're eating and then enter in a goal weight and it helps you see where the trouble spots are. Calories do matter! Don't let any fad diet book tell you otherwise. You can overeat and get fat on a healthy diet if you eat too many calories. It's physics.

I learned I was snacking too much between meals and eating too much butter and oil. Cutting out snacks, excess cooking fat, and alcohol basically made a huge difference within a few days. And I am in my 40s so it's not like I'm some college girl who can run on a treadmill for a few months and turn out thin. This is WORK. I do about 20-30 minutes of cardio 5 days a week, also, using free fitness videos on Youtube. I'm losing weight really slowly but it's happening. I'm 10 pounds away from a healthy BMI.

This is coming from someone who has done every diet on the planet, raised by a super toxic exercise addict mom who pounded this into my head to the point of psychological damage. I would rather eat a whole cheesecake by myself than go running. If I can do this, anybody can. Trust me.

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Belly fat has never been a big problem for me, I carry excess weight on my legs, butt and arms. This is probably a genetic thing, not something affected by my lifestyle choices but I can tell you what worked for me to lose the 30 pounds I accumulated throughout my forties and fifties.

Don't give up any foods you really enjoy but have them less frequently. Only eat the junk food you truly enjoy. Be very picky on this. Never eat it just to keep it from going to waste or because someone is insisting you have to have some.

Consider portion size. I bought smaller bowls for dessert and only use the big bowls for salad.  I admit I sometimes refill that dessert bowl but I used to do that when I started with the  bigger bowl.

Licquid calories are never as filling as something you have to chew. I don't keep soda in the house. If I really want one I walk 10 blocks to go get it.

When deciding what to eat prioritize minimally processed foods  that came from plants. If you have to ad some butter, bacon or sugar that's ok.

Get up and move. Any kind of movement. Something you enjoy is good.   Something that accomplishes something useful, like mowing the lawn , is also good.

Prioritize getting a good nights sleep. I can't eat within about 5 hours of bedtime without having to get up to use the bathroom during the night.

With all these crazy drivers I'm not riding a bike around here. Lol.  I almost get hit enough in my car or truck.

Somebody almost rear ended me yesterday.  Not paying attention.  I saw it coming and I couldn't go anywhere. He/she had to go on the shoulder....

I did alot of walking and playing with the dogs.

Go to the mailbox and such.  Mailbox is 2/10ths a mile from my front door. And when I get back I keep just walking around...

@Sara Marie posted:

Stationary bike?  But that would be situps.  Unless you could rig it so you could watch your favorite program while biking...or listen to recorded books, or whatever it is you like to do.  I have never done well with reading on a treadmill or stationary bike. I think the head positioning for reading throws everything off.

I eventually found a book holder that lets me read comfortably on a stationary bike or treadmill. It has set-ups for both traditional books and e-readers/tablets. Now I look forward to my exercise (reading) time.

We have a recumbent bike. A stepper. Whatever they are "officially" called.  We have a Bowflex.  Everything ya need to exercise. But it's so boring.... I know. I'm super lazy.

I'm reverting back to a teenager. Lol.  After working most of my life and all my jobs being really physical. A workout I was paid to do. I just cannot bring myself to exercise except for walking . Which is better than nothing but really doesn't build anything up or help loose weight.

Especially belly weight.  That is hard to lose. 


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