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So, I've had my J-pouch for about 6 years now, and other than blueberries, have never really eaten a food that has made such an impact on the color of what comes out.  I've seen what happens when my kids eat blue food coloring from cake frosting...that's quite a sight.  When I had my ostomy, I remember having a drink with heavy red food coloring and thought I was dying when I saw my output. 

Well, similar story last night.  First time I've ever had beets!  And we had a lot of them.  It was a beet risotto and it contained a cup of red wine (I've also never had red wine).  So, I can't even begin to tell you the sheer panic after going to the bathroom last night!   Then I remembered how my husband's hands got stained and how our cutting board is permanently dyed from cutting the beets, and then it all made sense. 

Just a warning to those who have never eaten beets like me...don't're not dying ;-)

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I thought that I was going to have a heart attack...I saw all of this 'blood' pouring out of me...only to remember the beets about 15 very longgggg seconds later.

By the way, red licorice, certain candies, red slushies and a couple of other foods (that contain red food coloring) can do it to me too...and the buggers always, always fake me out for at least 15seconds.

Beware of the beets...


My mom had a traditional ileostomy (I have an s-pouch) . Several years ago I got a very panicky call from her nursing home telling me she had passed a lot of blood in her ileostomy pouch and did I think she needed to go the hospital? she had had her ileostomy for at 22 yrs by then and had no problems whatsoever. I asked what she had for dinner and the last thing the nurse listed was.......Beets!!

Lol-yup! Had a cherry limeback back with my ostomy and while still at the restaurant used the bathroom and thought i was bleeding out through my ostomy! Whenever I eat borscht (beets) I am taken aback for a few seconds. Red velvet cupcakes do same! I think when you have spent a lifetime with UC/pouchitis, you can help but panic for a few seconds at the sight of a red filled toilet bowl!

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