I need to have a barium enema test and I'm wondering what kind of prep other people have done for this. I asked the scheduler at the hospital about it and she checked with a manager who said just have nothing by mouth after midnight.

Is that what other people have done?

I would think that I'd need to go on a liquid diet the day before at least. I just had a pouchoscopy and did the Miralax prep and, honestly, I did not do a great job since I was still passing a little stool in the morning.

I will call my doctor to confirm but I want to see what others have been told about the prep for this kind of test.

Oh, and if you have horror stories about this test, don't tell me. I'm already nervous. 



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I think this would normally be called a pouchogram. Make sure they don’t try to put a whole colon’s worth of barium into you. A J-pouch holds about 10 ounces of fluid. It’s possible that they might want some in the ileum, too, but if so they should be able to say words like that.

Sunflower, I had to do clear liquid diet 24 hrs before mine. Then nothing by mouth after midnight the night before the test. The X-ray really isn't a big deal. It's a bit uncomfortable in the embarrassment level, but I think most of us are pretty used to this sort of thing. If you are concerned that you won't be cleared out, do the liquids the day before. As long as you stay hydrated, you will be fine. Good luck.


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