Twinkie / marcus,

I get a prescription from my GI (or he calls it in directly to the pharmacy).  I use a local compounding pharmacist.  I'm in NY (Long Island). 

I have found cipro really helpful. Problem is in UK GPs will now not supply this.

I believe this is due to using it over a long term.

All I can do now is look at every aspect of food. I know I cannot absorb fats in my diet. I am seriously so good. I have great problems with dairy and now just a small amount of bread. Looking into the Hay Diet.

My surgery for K Pouch was over 40 years ago but I am still learning about food.

There is a lack of anyone to talk to. My general health is good and I am on no medication.

My sleep has always been a problem as the K pouch means I am awake after 4 hours each night.

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