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I have a question  I have had a cough since January  went to my primary care Dr  said I may have a nasal drip.  Cough still continued Primary care said I have bronchitis put me on erethromicin 10 day.  Still coughing went for xray nothing showed up  still coughing  went to ear nose throat  didn't see anything  still coughing  had an apt with gastro  he told me to see a lung dr.  went to lung dr  had cat scan  I have to go back in 3 months found scar tissue and some other things that said suspicious   Took sputum test part of test came back.  The dr said it takes about 28 days to get all results.  I have bacteria in lungs. lung dr. put me on cefuroxime axetil 500mg 2x a day.  during  all that time My bms had an odor which I didn't have before,  since taking the cefuroxime I have no bm odor.  My question is could it be that I had  bacteria from my pouch that went to my lung?   I haven't gotten all test result yet.  Do you think I should call my gastro to let him know?   Oh another thing I stopped taking my cipro while taking cefuroxime,  one in morning one at night  and vsl in afternoon. I have been on cefuroxime for about a week now I have 6 more pills to go.  I haven't received and more results I am going to call the lung dr. today.  Thanks Grace

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It sure is possible. Any time you are on a single antibiotic long term, there is the risk for bacteria that are resistant to it to flourish and cause infections. It may not be that you have a gut bacteria in your lungs, but that the systemic effects of the Cipro affected the lung bacterial flora. I would keep your GI in the loop about your lung complications. It probably is time to rethink the Cipro. Either not use it at all, or rotate it with something else.





Hi Jan thank you for answering  I do rotate flagyl and cipro    I just haven't been taking it because the Lung Dr put me on cefuroxime axetil 500mg 2 a dayYou think I should stop taking cipro and take something else  I will call my gastro today as you suggested   Do you think bm odor I was having was caused by the  bacteria in the pouch? Since taking cefuroxime I don't have that anymore.  Thanks  Grace

Oh, I was not aware you were already rotating Antibiotics. Yes, it is likely that there was a different bacteria in play that was causing the odor. Once this is all settled, you may be able to resume your rotation, but I would check with your GI first. It does make sense to stay off the other antibiotics while you are being treated for the lung infection, especially if your gut is behaving.


Maybe this is just a blip. We get other problems unrelated to our pouch and we just have to deal with them as they arise. I was on augmentin for a sinus infection this year and did not take any pouchitis antibiotics during that treatment. The augmentin worked great for my pouch, so the other was not needed. But I would not want to take a broad spectrum antibiotic like that n a regular basis.



Dear Grace B, did you have any other symptoms accept caught? I am asking becouse I have similar problem. For some four months I caught. I was taking antbiotics only for two months. I took during this four months eks ray of lungs tree times and everything is ok. My GI didn't send my to any other doctor. I only went to immunologist and he also say that it is ok. My problem is thickling feeling in the throat which after a while makes me caught. And during the night I cant sleep becouse this thickling feeling becomes dry throat and makes me caught. That caught is so nasty that for two times now I felt at left side pain in ribs and the pain ended after five days. I think that some nerv was stucked between ribs or some muscles was inflamator as a result of straining during caught. I was taking some herb syrup and pastilles and I caught for few days some mucus. After that my caught became dry. Some times my caught is so ugly and irritative that I have feeling I will throw up. Sorry I write so long but I tried to describe my situation as best I can in short words.
Girl from Croatia

To answer your questions this is what is happening with me.

I had my cough since January  went to primary care said I had nasal drip  went back to pc said I had bronchitis put me on arethromicin  10 days   still coughing  I had a chest x=ray  PC  sent me Nose ear and throat  did not see anything a little irritation in throat  Had appointment with gastro I told him what was happening   I asked him about acid reflex He told me to see a Lung doctor so I did   Sent me for cat scan  saw some lesions and some other things said I have to go back in 3 months for another cat scan  Lung doctor wanted me to go for sputum test  did that one part of test came back that I have bacteria in my lungs the rest of the test did not come back yet it takes 28 days.  Lung doctor put me on cefuroxime axetil.  called gastro still waiting for call back.  The cough seem to be getting a little better but still there.  I have one more day on cefuroxime .  My cough is worst in the morning with a lot of flem with yellow color as day goes by I still have cough sometimes I feel like I want to choke. so I am still waiting for the rest of tests to come back.  I know when I go to bed I feel heaviness in my chest  I guess it from the lung infection.  I am still waiting so I will keep you informed.  Thanks  Grace

Another thought, if this applies, is look at your medications. We thought my husband had an acid reflux cough, and for a time Pepcid seemed to help. In the end, it was an "ACE inhibitor hack." A well documented side effect of some blood pressure medications.


Also, pulmonary complications are associated with IBD.



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Tks for your applies. I am sleeping with my head and shoulders  higher but it is the same. I am only on medications for my stomach. Nothing else. For few days now I dring syrup made by old recipe and I spurt 4-5 times during day my throat with propolis drops and it's little better. My GI did write on my discharge that I have GERBD but didn't say anythyng. I read it for my self when I got home. When I read a symptoms I didn't find myself in there. I only have thicking in my throat and caugh. I do not feel acid,have hickups,I do not smoke,eat a lot,don't eat havy food,drink coffee and I didn't notice that it get's up worst after meals. I don't have chest pain,havy breathing,wheeze. But truth is I am crazy becouse this caughts. I am scared becouse I soon will be going on procedure for takedown my stoma and I think it want be good to caught and strain fresh wound. I am scared of getting hernia.

Jan  Yes my mom had the same thing after taking her to allergist for a year and she continued to cough and choke . I was told by my neighbor that  someone she knew had same thing and it was her blood pressure meds that was causing it.  So when I took her to her heart Doctor I told him about my moms cough and he took her off that med and she was fine after that.

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