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enterobacter CLOACAE Anyone familiar with this? Long version: I'll call you thx!

Here's the dealio
Long version sorry

Infectious disease Is the next step.... The (looooonnnnggg history: chronic "UTI's" (or colonization -prob both) for months/years since late 2013. Intestinal bacteria in urine for the past few months. MRI showed no fistula but urologist says there's most likely a tiny one not detectable via imaging. Open blind end fistula posterior to perineum that drains/bleeds/ gets infected. Chronic vag yeasties. Resumed humira two weeks ago but rheum was slightly nervous bc of infections. Waiting to hear back from her and Philly GI. Urologist ain't the greatest clinician but she's attentive and allows me to partake in my tx plan. I see her weekly for bladder instillations for IC. We agreed that she would culture urine every week bc I am always symptomatic. Then it's up to me to take antib or not. Cipro resistant now. No one agrees with IV antib. Blah blah.
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This does not sound good. These sorts of chronic infections can lead to sepsis, so I am glad you are trying to be proactive on this. I think consulting with infectious disease is a good strategy. There are many antibiotics that can be effective. Here is a good link with possible antibiotic treatments. You probably have to register to view, but it is free.


This was long, long before my surgeries, but I had problems with recurring UTIs at one time. My urologist put me on a maintenance dose of Septra for a year, and that took care of things. Of course, if you are allergic to sulfa, it is not an option.


Good luck!



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