Hey gang!

Most of you know the hell I've been though over the past two years, so....I FINALLY was able to get back on my bike (cycling is my life!) after a two year absence. I can't believe how much I missed it, and how out of shape my legs are! Today was my first full ride, and it felt wonderful!!! I've been out twice over the past two weeks, but only for really short rides, just to get my feet wet so to speak (by short, I mean less the 20 kilometres).

Today was by no means a record for me, thanks to google maps I know I went exactly 33.98 kilometers, and stopped only twice to rest, but before you ooohhhh and ahhhh, keep in mind my usual rides, when I'm healthy, are no less the 45-50 kilometers/day, so I still have a long way to go, but damn, did it ever feel good to be back on the water front trails (I'm in Toronto) with just me, my iPod, my bike, and the wind between my ears!

Given that I still have another surgery to endure in the next few months (no date set yet) I'm going to enjoy this as much as I can. Besides, the stronger I am going into it, the faster I'll heal. Aside from my constant partial obstructions, I'm seriously considering another K pouch. I've learned to live with the ileostomy, but it's such a pain, in so many ways, and it keeps falling off after I exercise from excessive sweating. Probably because I exercise for a tad longer then most (usually a few hours). But I'll be damned if I'm going to let anything slow me down, especially not after being bed bound for the past two years...stay tuned boys and girls!

Eric Big Grin

Ps - please don't tell me I shouldn't expect the same level of energy because I'm not 20 anymore (even my doctor said that, what does he know?). I'm only 45, and have zero plans of slowing down any time soon. My record to date was cycling from my home in downtown, to Niagara Falls, and back, I have got to top that either late this year or next! (I did that ride three years ago, it's 110k each way, but I cheated, my parents use to live there, so I slept at their place, and came back the following day, it takes a while to cycle that far).
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Congratulation Eric,
I am so happy for you. It is about time that something wonderful happened (even if it is just a short moment of joy)...You are a true fighter...
And no, I do not believe that 45 is too old to be young!
You will get your body back, your energy too and go back to being the charming, healthy Eric that you truely are.
I understand the 2+hr workouts...that is where I need to be to feel the Euphoria. The 1st hour is pain, stress and breathlessness but once I pass the 1st hour, I feel no pain, my mind clears and life feels wonderful.
Keep on riding and get strong.
And yes, I agree...if Dr C agrees then go for the 2nd attempt...just be prepared. You have been there before and you know exactly how hard it is.
Mega Hugs
ps...are you free for a coffee at the end of the month?
If a 91 year old woman can run the San Diego Rock and Roll marathon in 7 hours, we should all aspire to be as amazing and youthful as she is at her age.

Frankly, you both put me to shame and I am in my young 50s.
Thanks guys, and YES!!!, I'm free for coffee, I'll make the time to see you sweetie, just let me know when, where, and I'll see you there! Xo
Good for you; I hope to be back on mine after this next surgery and agree that it is GREAT to ride!


Hello everyone,

I know this is a very old thread, but I am really hoping to connect with fellow j-pouchers who have experience cycling. I am a 24 year old and I am about 6 months out of my final j-pouch takedown procedure. I finally saved up enough to buy my first road bike and I absolutely love it.

I bought it a couple weeks ago and started to go on rides at least every other day. I was excited to have the bike and in the middle of a coronavirus quarantine there wasn't much else to do.

I might have over done it, after about 10 days with the bike I started to develop a very painful lump near my anus. It was filling with fluid and become very painful over the period of a few days. I was able to see my GI doc right away and he actually drained the abscess with a syringe in the office that day (not the most fun experience). He gave me a 5-day antibiotic and told me to stay off the bike for a week.

I am trying to get advice from people who understand my situation. My other biking friends have told me that these are saddle sores and not a big deal at all. I hope that is the case but I am really trying to avoid creating more problems for myself at the moment. Can anyone speak to their experience with biking post j-pouch? Are these abscesses common? Something to worry about? Obviously what worries me is developing a fistula. Are there certain bike seats that work better than others? I have some nice Pearl Izumi padded biking shorts but they didn't seem to do the trick last week. Any insider tips would be greatly appreciated, I can't wait to get back out and ride!



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