Well I had my catscan done this morning. My surgeon got me a bed in the hospital. I have a partial obstruction. I'm on IV pain meds and antibiotics. No liquids or food. They are trying to rest my bowels in hope they will get better in a few days. If not then a tube goes down my nose and/or surgery. I'm praying that won't have to happen. Please keep me in your thoughts. Im very nervous and bummed to be back in the hospital.
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Hang in there Cate,
Get someone to bring you in a computer and a ton of dvds...use this time to read, write and watch good movies...But do not think. Bad to think too much when in hospital.
Give it time and hopefully the obstruction will pass on its own...just keep walking around as much as possible.
An NG tube is a real drag, but it sure beats getting opened up again! My doc's anti-obstruction mantra is warn baths, massage and grape juice. Didn't follow his advice with my first obstruction and ended up inpatient. 2 subsequent times, it worked like a charm.
Good luck!
Sorry to hear you had to get admitted, but it is the best place for you to deal with your problems. As sharon said use this time to relax, watch some trash tv, read some junk magazines, put on some earbuds and listen to some relaxing music. And walk walk walk, it will help get things moving in your system. Sending hapy thoughts your way!
Darnit, sorry to hear of your obstruction/hospitalization, Cate. Stay tough - will be sending you the most positive vibes.

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