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I have 1000 microgramos injection of Cianobalamina every 2 months intramuscular at the clinic. However it has become so time consuming, today I walked out after 1 hour waiting with loads of folk still in front of me. So I'd like some advice about self administrating. In the bum is where they put it, but how far to stab? I guess just a quick stab of three quarters of an inch while pinching the muscle? Is it ok in the arm or thigh? Would be easier. I'm aware to rid the syringe of bubbles & to slowly inject. Just so fed up with all the hanging around, finding parking & traveling down to town from my place in the mountains. I supply the ampoules so no problems there. Thanks in advance.


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Paul, there are some risks with intramuscular injections, so you might want to get a little training before attempting it on yourself. In many places it will also be difficult to purchase injectable B12 and appropriate syringes, but I don’t know how easy or hard you might find that to be in Spain. Epinephrine autoinjectors are the most common example of self-administered intramuscular injections, and those go into the vastus lateralis muscle, in the middle third of the outer thigh - but they automate the “how deep to stab” issue.

Are you truly sure that you can’t find a dose of oral B12 that will do the job? 

Thanks guys, I'll talk to my GI about oral method. I was under the impression that our shortened ileum makes B12 absorption via mouth less efficient hence the injectable way. My previous tests from 12/17, 04/17 & 05/15 show levels at 404, 369 & 486. Range is 200 to 900ish. I was anaemic before my operations due to UC & was on monthly injections after takedown. Suppose it all depends on how much ileum if any was left.

Most J-pouchers have plenty of ileum left, but the last part of the ileum (the terminal ileum) is critical for oral B12 absorption. In some cases the reduced terminal ileum from J-pouch surgery can lead to B12 deficiency. Since B12 injections are expensive and inconvenient, I think it’s worth the time and effort to determine whether increased oral doses, or administration by another route (e.g. sublingual, nasal) is sufficient to maintain appropriate B12 levels.

I have self-injected B12 (and Vit D3, separately of course) through i.m. route for years with no problems. Because my terminal ileum was removed during the j-pouch surgery, I am always low in B12 unless I self-inject it every three months. In my country, it is much less expensive and much more efficient than other forms of administration. However, I would not recommend it if you have zero experience. You may need a nurse to give you some sort of training at least.

Thanks very much. My IBD clinic tell me it must be by injection. I bought some syringes today from the farmacia who were very helpful in making sure they were the correct sizes. My friend is an experienced nurse who has jabbed me before & I intend to get some advice & practice with her this week. As an ex IV drug user from the 1980s I have some experience but not of IM so pretty sure I can cope.

I'm late to this discussion, but have been giving myself injections for 20 years. It's easy, convenient and doesn't hurt. I'm so used to it, I can do it while talking on the phone - haha. I can up the frequency if I'm feeling tired. This week I'm doing 1cc per day for seven days because I got into a rut and didn't give myself any for a few months (my bad). After this week I'll do 1cc every two days, then 1cc every three days, then once per week after that. After the first six days of this "energy blast" schedule of injections I already feel pretty great. Don't be afraid of it - my mom was a nurse and showed me how. Super easy once you get the past the first couple of them. The idea can gross you out.

Slightly tangent to the topic at hand. . .my B12 is at the very low end of normal (208).  I've been taking a B12 pill (1000 mcg) every day for a month to see if my issue is not getting enough B12 or with absorption.

How long is long enough to see if those pills are working?  1 month? 3 months? 6 months?


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