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my name is Lorraine. I am 56 years young. I am awaiting surgery. I have a transverse bowel stricture caused by diverticula. I have a sigmoid diverticula too, also on that site,left side my ovary is stuck by 3 1\2 cm. To my bowel. My right ovary has a timer on it. I will be having 2 surgeons on the day of the operation. One for the bowel and the other for my ovaries. I will also be having a wall tightened. Don't know the name of wall.

I am a bit nervous now while I am waiting in case the stricture blocks altogether. I have no date for surgery yet. Just been told to go to the emergency if it blocks. Hope I recognise the symptoms.I am having a bowel restriction and the ovaries removed and anything else that needs reparing. Will have the colostomy bag for life.

thank you for accepting me to this site.


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It is unclear to me why you would have a colostomy for life. Most of us have had our entire colon and rectum removed and do not have a permanent ostomy. Have you had a second opinion from another colorectal surgeon? I suppose if you have so much scar tisdue that it is not possible to have a j-pouch, then permanent ostomy seems reasonable. However, it would not seem likely that they would know this before surgery.

Your case is different, as most of us here have IBD or FAP. 

But, welcome just the same and I hope we can be helpful for you!


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