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Greeting. I have a question for someone with an identity.

Orthopedists asked me to seek the opinion of a rheumatologist. I have a hip problem. The MRI shows cartilage wear ... but that's not enough for them to diagnose.

I'm doing blood tests for rheumatoid arthritis, so I'm wondering if due to Ulcerative Colitis and now I'm learning some things can be the same. I mean elevated CRP, Anti CCP,Gamma globulins(i have 23, normal is 18.8), fibrinogen ( ok jave 4.5, normal is 3.5

If anyone has experience it would help me. Thank you.

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I was diagnosed with enteropathic arthritis about a decade after my colectomy. I had bouts of hip and knee pain previously, but it was sacroiliac pain for many months that got me referred to the rheumatologist. I have been on a biologic ever since.

If your hip issue is related to IBD you may or may not have any positive lab tests, as it is not uncommon for IBD related arthopathies to be seronegative..

Another angle to explore might be avascular necrosis if you ever had been on high dose or long term steroids.


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