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My J-Pouch has essentially failed and I want to try a K-Pouch or BCIR before reverting back to an ostomy. BCIR's are essentially advertised as an upgraded version to the K-Pouch. Is that actually and/or still true, as my subject line asks? Or have have the more experienced K-Pouch surgeons of today matched / surpassed the way BCIR's supposed advantages with their own small "update(s)" to their K-Pouch's? Or have K-Pouch procedures and anatomy therein have never evolved since invented and BCIR's are actually structurally "better"? This is something I haven't been able to find anywhere online or through any doctors, so any input from the people that have subjectively experienced this would be greatly appreciated.

TLDR: K-Pouch vs BCIR-- Which is really better?

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Ok cool. I'll check them out too. Thanks again.
One more question for you, if you're comfortable sharing--  In general, is there anything regarding your day to day life and dealing with a K-Pouch that you've found debilitating in any way and were you at all unpleasantly surprised to discover certain issues that non of the doctors told you prior's to surgery? (I was essentially lied to and baited into most of the beginning step of the surgeries I went though. So I just don't want another surprise when/if I get a K-Pouch surgery.) Any info on struggles you may or may not have had that is not in the proverbial textbook would be appreciated.

David, it’s a tough decision you are going through and I applaud your seeking of information. There’s not a lot about the K, other than this wonderful  K pouch corner (keep in mind most of the posts are from people who have or had problems.)

One thing that was a tough learn for me was some foods and/or the consistency of foods can block the catheter holes. Foods that don’t break down, such as corn, mushrooms, peas– – to give you a sense– – get stuck in my catheter. This causes constant catheter removal  and re-insertion along with irrigation. I’m not sure if the undigested food that doesn’t get into the catheter is what causes my blockages or it’s some other reason, which has to do with only me and not K pouches.  Dense foods, such as a thick soup, will cause slow evacuation and multiple irrigation. Others have solutions for this. I rely on irrigation.

Another issue is the amount of time involved in evacuating. Although I disliked the extra little bag– – What a hilarious auto correct of external bag, so I kept it in – – overall I think it took less time. My need for extra time is attributed to certain foods that I eat. I’d like it if others chimed in on this comparison as perhaps I’m doing something wrong.

Limitations on food and time are my two biggest issues. If given a choice, external versus K pouch I cast vote with the latter.

Please ask for any clarification if this message isn’t clear. I hope you join our kpouch  family  Jan  



Been awhile for me, first to jan15, I too had difficulty with foods passing through the catheter. Motility was a huge issue for to begin with so that left me very little food choices.

After almost 4 years I had it removed and now have an end ileo. Still dealing with some equipment issues, but I am so very happy, the stress I felt is gone and I feel like I have so much more freedom.I had prior Pouches so I’m not new to this.

For any of you Kpoucher’s, I have a ton of excess supplies! I live in Ohio, near Cleveland, for a short time yet this summer and in Florida for the winter in a couple weeks . Supplies at both spots.

Lots of catheters , Medina type, Ampatch and Lubes.   Anyone who would like these can have these free of charge!!

My surgery was sudden so I was ahead on a lot of the supplies.

Also if anyone knows of a place that would accept this, pleas let me know.

Good health to all of you


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