Well during the 9 and a half years I had my ileostomy I took antibiotics without a second thought and I dont ever recall my gut flora being disturbed, unless it was contain within the part of my gut which was removed.

 My concern is in regard to creating or causing issues to my perfect functioning J pouch.

Currently I've been taking. my antibiotics for 5 days with no adverse effect and I have maybe another 5 days of pill to take to complete the course.

Over here in France, they automatically give a script for Brewer's yeast along with each script for antibiotics...I didn't get it back in the 80's but now the science backs up the idea of putting the good flora back once the bad have been irradicated...

You can take probiotics as well if you feel runny or bubbly or gassy once you finish...a 5-7 day run should not destroy your pouch but eating some yogurt daily wouldn't hurt either.



My opinion is that antibiotics are as safe or problematic for us as they are for the general public. If you need them, take them. Just be alert for side effects. Don’t ask for antibiotics if they aren’t appropriate (such as viral infections).


No viral infection but a very painful infected big toe.

I've completed the antibiotic course now and no adverse effects to report of.

Prior to my ileostomy and J pouch I tried the probiotics yogurt type drinks and the set yogurts and they made me ill, caused urgency and diarrhoea, took a while to realise what was the cause, each time, I thought it was the start of an UC flare up; that was 20 years ago, never tried em since, but thanks for the suggestion. 

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