I wanted to post this information because I know there are a lot of you out there where things just aren't working out.  First off, yes you can get approved for SSI/SSDI benefits if you have a J Pouch.  I applied in May 2019 on my own, without any assistance or a lawyer.  It took 6 months to get approved for me.  My medical team (doctors) were on my side, so i'm sure that helped a lot.  

When you look up what qualifies for disability Ulcerative Colitis does qualify, but it states that you need to have other issues and not just an IBD diagnosis.  Some of those issues were Small Bowel Obstructions and Abscesses, of which I've had both.  Like many of you, my medical record is like a book by now and anyone reading through wouldn't even need a doctor to see i'm not well.  I listed the fact that i suffer from a second autoimmune disease called Sarcoidosis, and frequently get kidney stones as well.  

I listed the date I entered the hospital for flare up, that was before any of my surgeries in May of 2018.  They will be giving me back pay from November of 2018.  They tried to explain to me how I would get some benefits from SSI, but that my main benefits would come from SSDI.  I'm still confused on this.

So for those of you out there in need of SSI/SSDi, whether it's temporary or not, there is hope.  

1. Make sure your doctors know about your application and are willing to fill out the necessary paperwork (I've heard horror stories of stupid doctors telling people just to hang on you will get better at some point).

2.  You don't need to have a psychologist check you out.  If your disability is just from IBD and not mental, that portion of the paperwork can be skipped.  So don't worry if you don't currently see a psychologist.  

3.  Once all the paperwork they send you is filled out, make sure to have copies and FAX it to your case worker.  It will get to them much faster than sending it by mail.

4.  If your case gets denied don't lose hope and don't go rush out and get just any old lawyer.  Although I don't have personal experience with this, I've heard that some lawyers may take less.  Some will take a lot, and while any of us would just appreciate the fact that we got approved, we've lost a lot and if your like me (student or low-income) every last penny really counts.

Lastly, if you are in the process of getting your surgeries or you are post takedown and you feel that things really aren't going well for you START fighting and filling out the application for benefits immediately.  I had so many complications during all my surgeries and I waited two months after takedown to apply for benefits. I should have applied when I first got hospitalized.  My challenge now is finding a place that will rent to me, and i'm finding it is not easy or simple.  I will create another post about renting while on disability when I have successfully found something.  

Sending love from California for anyone out there in pain.  


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ytcrockpot posted:

I’ve been on SSDI since 2016, best thing I did, helps me focus on taking care of me. 
I had to get a lawyer, and it took 2yrs for me to get approved, but it can be done. 

Thank God right? I've read some stories on here where people are attempting to force themselves to go to work or school and I don't even understand how it's possible.  Are you renting by any chance?  I'm having the hardest time finding the proper resources to get an apartment.  I'm couch surfing at the moment between friends and various family.  I should note that I'm in California and what California is considering "affordable" is not affordable at all for me.

Hi, I was approved for SSDI the first time with no problem and no lawyers.

Although I did not even attempt to apply for it until 12 years after my surgeries.

Which were 26 years ago. I'm so very thankful for it everyday.

Its been a month since your post so I hope you have found a place to rent.

I live in the mid west so rent is quite a bit less I'm sure but I have always found the opposite problem with renting and SSDI. I've found that  landlords think of it as more of a dependable form of income. Sorry you have not had the same experience. Although I did have one landlord ask "WHY" I was on SSDI and by law they are not allowed to ask that. I'm not ashamed of why I am so it didn't bother me to tell her about my UC and my pouch.

Like I said hoping things are working out for you.



So I'm a new citizen and let me make sure I understood that correctly. You're getting BOTH SSI AND SSDI? Because they are two different things. One can qualify for both in the US?

I almost finished my 40 quarters of work and I would love to be able to benefit from SSDI if I ever needed it. Right now I'm still working fine and I have been since I arrived in the States despite flares and everything. I just put on diapers and went to work. 

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