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  I also have chronic pouchitis. Been struggling for quite some time. My GI just prescribed Rinvoq. I am optimistically happy as it works !!! Was on Entyvio with little to no success. I take Rinvoq with my daily Cipro with a 3 day Flagyl rotation every three weeks. I have not felt this well in a long time. However, not without its moments. But, I deem it as a success !!


I hope you find the relief you seek !


You should feel relief very quickly with Rinvoq. I have pouch inflammation big time due to UC/ Chrohn’s. Also, ask your GI about a maintenance of Cipro. I have an elongated pouch that allows bacteria to fester. The Cipro keeps it at bay. The Flagyl every three weeks clears any remaining bacteria out.
added bonus is that the Flagyl increases the effectiveness of the Rinvoq.

you might want to try the route I am taking.
GOOD LUCK !! Hang in there !! Try to remain optimistic even through the pain. The answer is out there !!!


@RondaC posted:

It was working great until I got Covid.  I having burning  diarrhea now with cramping. I'm hoping things will get better soon.  Thanks

I'm assuming you're over the COVID now.  Did you take the anti-viral for covid?  That gave my husband some gut trouble.  How is the rinvoq working now?  I have seen that it's prescribed for Psoriatic arthritis, which I believe I might have right now, which commonly pairs with UC (or UC-related symptoms if you don't have a colon anymore). 

Yes I'm over Covid. No I did not take the antiviral medicine since the symptoms were just like a cold.  Nothing severe.  I am really pleased with Rinvoq. I was having chronic pouchitis.  I had a pouch scope 2 weeks ago and no inflammation was found.  So I'm really happy with the results plus no side effects.

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