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been going on cycles of Cipro and Flagyl for 4 months now (when on them it is working fine, week of symptoms come back) and now my doctor wants me to use Uceris foam. I have held off on trying this due to the pandemic - should I be concerned about weakening my immune system? it mentions it can weaken it in the paperwork. Anyone use this / does it work for continuous bouts of pouchitis? 

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The best advice seems to be that your GI medications shouldn’t be changed to try to outsmart this virus. Generally that means to follow your doctor’s advice, and also to stay isolated enough that you simply aren’t exposed. Does your doctor think the Uceris will be short-term, to try to get an inflammatory cycle under control, or as a long-term alternative to long-term antibiotics? Generally when intermittent antibiotics just won’t get things under control the next step is continuous antibiotics (rotated among several different ones, if possible). Short-term Uceris could quiet down a stubborn problem. Long-term Uceris seems like what someone might pick if they haven’t read much about chronic pouchitis.

thank you for the reply. It seems like a short term option or at least an option in hopes it knocks it out and is a viable go-to for treatment. He mentioned if this did not work that it would lead him to suggesting biologics. At this point, I am fine w/ being on cycles of antibiotics. I am able to eat more food and get exercise. on the other hand, my current doctor is concerned about long term effects (tendon rupturing, nerve damage, etc.). I understand from reading this site that some people manage being on antibiotics (in cycles?) full time. 

that being said, do you run through cycles of flagyl/Cipro? where you stop taking for a period of days then start back up? 

As my pouchitis became chronic and unremitting-when I likely was struggling with mild to moderate pouchitis chronically-befor I had a manageable meeting routine for it, I got sick at the drop of a hat. If anyone in my household caught anything, I got it despite quarantining, hand washing etc. it was awful. Since I’ve been on Immuran (immune suppressants) I have been healthier than ever-my kids and husband can get sick and I can stay healthy most of the time. It is very noticeable. It’s like my immune system is in better shape suppressed and when it was busy autoimmunity and attaching my pouch it had no reserves left for fighting anything else. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t a bit worried about COVID and I’m isolating and will probably take more precautions than average as the pandemic dies down, but that’s one persons experience that going on an immunosuppressant has actually seemed to be helpful in combating viruses compared to barring lung pouchitis.

Hi Furious it’s funny u mentioned Uceris as I also was using the foam however I was having burning and irritation and it did nothing for me until he switched me to the pill form. So far so good . I did have a bought of leaking and burning today but I believe it was because of what I had even along with some other spices food,. I believe once this is out of my system I should be good.

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