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Hi, After many years on antibiotics, I was switched to Humira 2 months ago. It definitely helps the pouchitis.

My question to folks is: after injecting yourself, do you get a big red very itchy area afterwards for 2-3 days? I've checked with the doc, and the reaction is nothing serious. Its just unpleasant and so very itchy!. I've used both my leg and my stomach, same.reaction.

One more thing, this last time injecting the medicine into my leg was really painful, which it hadn't been before this. Was surprising to me.

Would appreciate hearing from other people if you've had similar eabout your experience.

Thanks. melissa

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Hi Melissa! I also have the red, itchy injection sites. I’ve been on humira for a year & here are a few tricks that help-let the pen sit out for 15-30 mins to warm up so the medicine isn’t like thick gel or it is definitely painful. You can I’ve the skin before & after the injection, which also helps. Make sure to move the site around, switch legs & areas, & pinch the skin up with one hand, inject with the other. Also, after the injection, take a towel & massage the area. You may still have some irritation, but hopefully less. If I don’t do those things, I wind up with a goose egg that is larger than a coke can & it itches like crazy for a couple of days. It has really significantly decreased symptoms, though, after j-pouch surgery in 2006 & several bouts of pouchitis, I have 7-10 bms a day with little or no pain, so definitely seeing major improvements!

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