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Just want to know if there is anyone here from/in middle east and how he/she is handling the pouch or UC?

I am a jpoucher (IPAA) since March 2009, originally from Pakistan but living in Qatar (never heard before? well it will host the FIFA 2022 cup !!! hey) since 2010. I am doing a job here.

In Pakistan, there is not much awarness of IBD/UC (may be because these are not very common as compare to the West). Most of my knowledge about the disease comes from internet and forums like this. But while staying in Pakistan i was in touch in my doctor (who did my surgeries, he was a good one) so had a peace of mind that incase of any emergency i can reach him within no time, but same is not the case here in Qatar.

Plus most of the medicines/products talked about in the forums are also not available in this part of the world (or atleast i don't know).

Btw my pouch is doing fine except for pouchities (after every 4-5 months on average), infact currently having one and on flygl 500mg (3 times a day - for 5 days).

Also want to hear from old jpocuhers about thier life style and what to care about as pouch goes old...
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Poster Hichick is from Israel, has a J pouch and has done fairly well with it although I believe he is treating pouchitis with antibiotics. Not sure of what his exact medical regimen is at this time.

I have had a J Pouch 20 years and although I have to take quite a few meds to control chronic "simmering" pouchitis, I am doing well. Flagyl is in my reigmen, along with cipro which I rotate with xifaxin and augmentin. I also take entocort (Budesonide) and pentasa and I get scoped annually per my Doctor's orders.

There does seems to be a notion or theory that UC/Crohn's is more prevalent in the western hemisphere due to the prevalence of processed foods in our diets and there is an increasing body of medical literature and studies that support that notion............but there also seems to be some genetic predisposition that is coupled with those potentially causative factors.

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