I recently was told that my last choice for treatment of pouchitis and potential Chrohn's disease was methotrexate.   After watching hours of YouTube videos trying to gather info on it's side effects I stumble upon a video by a Dr. Stephen Gundry, MD talking about foods that contain "lectin".  I had never heard of this before, but since trying to eliminate those foods I have noticed a marked improvement in the way I feel.  Would love to hear feedback from others.

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Interesting, hadn't heard of that so had a search.....




Basically it's saying lectins bad, in everything, removed or significantly reduced by cooking.


Out of curiosity what foods are you avoiding that are giving you the benefit (or what foods are you eating if that's easier lol).


I guess anything that gives your gut an easier life is gonna help!

Some of the first foods I eliminated were those I was eating most frequently.  Those were tomatoes, green bell peppers, and potatoes.  I've also eliminated anything that is "whole grain" such as bread, oatmeal, etc.  I've also nearly eliminated all sugar, corn syrup, and splenda sweetner.  I have been using small amounts of Stevia and some locally harvested honey.  No milk and only small amounts of feta cheese and goat cheese on an abundant amount of spring mix and romaine lettuce salads.

Read it but not convinced! I think the fact he sells a load of expensive supplements is always a red sign. ..  some research suggests that certain lectins could actually be beneficial in activating elements of the immune system. The much stronger evidence is that the longest-lived, healthiest people in the world tend to subsist largely on plant-based diets. (Those include lectins, often in abundance.) This case for basing a healthy life around what seems to be working for large groups of people in the real world is famously argued by Dan Buettner in his explorations of what he calls the blue zones.

Eliminating sugar and processed food is definitely a good start ...

One of the foods to elimiinate is kefir grains.. but when I messaged Dr Gundry's FB .. the reply said that my goats milk kefir was ok??

I did find it interesting that we need to e.g pressure cook quinoa ... so maybe making sure that certains foods are cooked properly is important.. 

I have tried a lot of different diets for ibd but not much luck still got flares (SCD, GAPS, Paleo, vegan FODMAP etc ) .. I kept hoping one would work. .. may be its looking at ways to help our gut microbiome and not totally eliminate any food group?? Just buy food around the perimeter of the supermarket (veg, fruit, meat fish etc) ... 

Avoid stress, getting lots of sleep and some exercise ...

I hope the diet does help you.. let us know 





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