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Hi Everyone,

Does anyone have pouchitis but not on antibiotics? My GI found pouchitis in my pouch on last scope and did NOT recommend I go back on antibiotics and instead continue on VSL3. Since I have been off them for three weeks, I do have some pouch pain and just recently have been dealing with some minor nighttime leakage, hence I started my antibiotics again today. My frequency has not really changed and my symptoms appear to be minor compared to some others pouchitis symptoms.

I was wondering if anyone else has had a similar experience or if they have pouchitis but do not need meds for it and at what point do you determine to let the mes help your situation versus just living with minor pouchitis.
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Hi kjeane,

I don't have any experience with pouchitis (yet) but I was reading about natural antibiotics. Maybe this would be something that would help you if your pouchitis isn't too bad. Dr. Oz talked about it on his show once too. Google natural antibiotics and a whole bunch of stuff will come up. Garlic I know is one and there are many others. Maybe worth a try?

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