Anyone have good results withQuestran?

Having a happy moment over here because I think I may have FINALLY found some real relief!

I talked to my gastroenterologist office yesterday and told them about the symptoms I'm having... I DON'T KNOW WHY I HAD NOT EVER HAD THIS DISCUSSION WITH HIM BEFORE OR ANY OTHER COLON DOCTOR. Ugh!

Turns out people that have had their gallbladder taken out or have had their large intestines taken out have problems with the diarrhea and itching from bile acid.

So he is calling me in a medication called Questran which helps bulk up the bile acid...PRAISE GOD for medications such as. ..please pray this really works for me.


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I agree. I had my pouch since 2010, I finally went to the doctor and he prescribed Questran.  It’s like night and day!!  I just wish I would of went sooner. My last doctor I had moved and I thought I just had to suffer with burning output. This helped so much I feel so much better!!!

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