Anyone from India

After 3rd step I was put on liquid diet( soup, juices, coconut water) for few weeks and then on soft diet. 

Maintaining a food diary will help you a lot. Mention time and quantity of whatever you eat. Note down the time when you have to empty the pouch and frequency of bowel movements. This will allow you to understand the average time the food remains inside your body.

Gradually you will start figuring out what works for you. I have heard people opting for low FODMAP diet. But I don't think it's relevant. I can't imagine having lunch and dinner without chappatis and rice. Avoid chillies, milk and non veg for time being. 



Maxx posted:

Guys..I am from Pune, India, have the pouch since 2014.

I went thru a 3 step surgery in Michigan. I moved back to India last year. I think there are very few J pouchers here, would like to connect.



Hi..I'm also from pune..Will happy to discuss..

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