After 3rd step I was put on liquid diet( soup, juices, coconut water) for few weeks and then on soft diet. 

Maintaining a food diary will help you a lot. Mention time and quantity of whatever you eat. Note down the time when you have to empty the pouch and frequency of bowel movements. This will allow you to understand the average time the food remains inside your body.

Gradually you will start figuring out what works for you. I have heard people opting for low FODMAP diet. But I don't think it's relevant. I can't imagine having lunch and dinner without chappatis and rice. Avoid chillies, milk and non veg for time being. 



Maxx posted:

Guys..I am from Pune, India, have the pouch since 2014.

I went thru a 3 step surgery in Michigan. I moved back to India last year. I think there are very few J pouchers here, would like to connect.



Hi..I'm also from pune..Will happy to discuss..

Dkumar posted:

Hi, Anyone from Gujarat. I need to know who is best surgeon for j pouch surgery here in Gujarat. 

Hi DKumar, it may be difficult to say who is the best surgeon for j-pouch but I can say the best place in India is TMH, Mumbai for GI surgery.  I got my j-pouch done there and my my experience has been generally very good. 

muks posted:

Hi, I am from Maharashtra, India. I have a J pouch since 15 years. I would like to have a friendly contact and meet people with j pouch.

Great to get in touch with you, Muks.  I am from Kolkata but I did most of my treatments at TMH, Mumbai nearly two-and-half year ago.

In my case it was colorectal cancer - both Colon and Rectum have been removed through "Open" operation.  I have been having a few "side effects" to deal with - frequent BM, neuropathy, anal fistula etc.  Started accepting the new "normal" in stead of expecting that I will go back to pre-operation condition.  Overall OK.


You had it quite long ago.  How are you doing?

Jpouch I will say is better. Recovery time varies from person to person. Largely depends on lifestyle changes you make. Cannot tell who is the best surgeon in Mumbai cause I never had experience with other surgeon except Dr. Nilesh Doctor who did an amazing job. 

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