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I am a year and 3 months post takedown. About 2 months ago, while at work, I felt the weirdest sensation in the area around my scar (illeostomy). It was like a burning but different, I honestly thought maybe pouch was leaking or something. I called GI Dr and set an appointment.  While working, I noticed the right side of my abdomen protruded more than my left. (There is flab there, but not that much, I thought) so yes Dr. confirmed it was incisional hernia.  After reading up, I of course see it can form when a weakening in the abdominal wall.  I also know it is the work I was doing at Amazon that caused it. Because I had my yearly physical 2 days before I started. I lift items of various weights, 300 per hour, 10 hours a day. I started a workers comp claim. It was ,of course, denied because they don't want to pay surgery. I got a lawyer and am waiting for hearing. It still hurts and is getting bigger. I was just wondering if anyone else has had a hernia.

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I never had them until 2007...then it felt like they wouldn't stop...I had them in multiples of 2's and 3' didn't take much...I would pluck a weed, get a roast out of the oven or twist all seemed to rip something inside of me...I ended having about 7 or 8 repairs done including on my pouch (I ended up with numerous peristoma hernias too)...

Things have calmed down since about 2012...or maybe all of my guts have criss-crossed patchwork of mesh repairs!

Either way, it is a bit better now.

I cannot explain why it started or why it stopped...just that I am thrilled that it has.


I got a ventral hernia a few years after takedown that had to be repaired. It was straight down the middle of my scar and I had about a 2 inch wide section of nothing but scar tissue holding my intestine in. It was fixed via a corset type repair, kinda like a tummy tuck.  Anyway, my doc said to never lift anything over 15lbs and definitely don't do sit-ups or any exercise which strained my abs. It's been about 7 yrs since that repair and now I'm starting to feel like I have another one, but I'm holding off on getting it checked out till it's more of a hassle.

Yup - incisional hernia cause i started lifting heavy.  Actually I'm grateful I got it cause my doctor bullet-proofed me when he fixed it.  First of all I had been having obstructions...when he went in to fix the hernia he cleaned up the adhesions and put down a film to prevent them in the future..which is exactly what it did.  I've been eating whatever I want ever since including lettuce and mushrooms which would have killed me before he put down the film.  Secondly whatever he used to patch my hernia must have been made from kevlar since I've been able to lift very heavy ever since with no problems.

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