Any Support Groups in the Philadelphia area?

I live 30 miles outside of Philadelphia and wondering if there's any jpouch groups where able to get things off your chest instead of resorting to  psychiatrist or psychologist  Having people to relate to I'm new this forum and only had my reversal takedown almost 6 weeks ago.... 

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I would look at CCFA website see what they have.

or if you are that close to philly, maybe even northern nj might have groups.

you, however, may or may not have other jpouchers there and might find yourself in a position of offering support. but candidly that's not a bad thing, I think it will surprise you how cathartic that is.



Technically we've amended my dx to Crohn's due to frequent recurrence of pouchitis but that was over 10 years ago. Would seem the crohn's inflammation created a stricture mid pouch, thereby effectively cutting my pouch capacity by half, so yeah I probably go 8-10 times per day. Recently my training last year for the NYC full marathon agitated my jpouch enough to incur nagging pouchitis, maybe ischemic pouchitis. but a few weeks ago my pouch finally looked better so off 3x weekly maintenance Flagyl for pouchitis. Life could be better but it could be worse. So we take it for what it is. How long with your one step? 3 years now?

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