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Hi everyone, Im new here and read the last few days a lot about pregnancy after jpouch surgery which is quite fascinating since I couldn't find any stories before. But I also recognized that there is a difference between conceiving after laparoscopy or laparotomy. So therefore my upper shown question: is there anyone who got her jpouch in an "open" surgery and conveiced successfully afterwards? Maybe also someone with an emergency operation?

To my story: Im 31 years old, got my jpouch in an emergency in 2018, and there have been also complications afterwards like holes in my jpouch where digestion fluids went out. Everything has healed now but still. We try to get pregnant since 10 months and I'm quite nervous about infertility.

Would be so great to read successful stories

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Hi there! I just turned 32 and have had 3 pregnancies through IVF (2 kids + currently pregnant). My surgeries were when I was a teenager- emergency colectomy was laparoscopic and then j-pouch was done open.

Back in 2015/2016, we tried naturally for about 6 months before pursuing fertility services. My doctor was able to order a few tests to get a better understanding of what was going on physically. I believe it was an HSG that showed that my tubes were open, but pulled up and away from where they would normally lie (probably due to scar tissue). Then on ultrasound, we saw that my ovaries were also not in a "normal" position. My doctor said that it was possible that my ovaries and tubes were not close enough together for an egg to be able to get into the tube and be fertilized. (The only way to know would be to keep trying.) We decided not to wait and went straight to IVF. Luckily, since my issues were only with the positioning of my organs, the egg retrieval was very successful and we ended up with all the embryos we wanted in one try. Fast forward to this past fall, I ended up needing an ovary removed, which had to be done via laparotomy. My surgeon said that there were so many adhesions around my tubes and ovaries, she couldn't imagine I would've ever been able to conceive naturally. So, I'm glad we didn't keep trying!

All this to say, while I don't think I could have gotten pregnant without IVF, that doesn't mean that would be the case for you! It could be worth meeting with a fertility specialist to talk about your options and see what tests can be done to get a better sense of what's going on inside. Wishing you the best of luck, and I'm happy to answer any questions!

The fertility doc performed all the diagnostic tests for me, including the HSG.

What type of cancer are you referring to? I'm not aware of IVF definitively increasing the risk of cancer for the general population. I would definitely raise this concern with your doctor if you choose to look into fertility services.

I'm at a heightened risk of breast and ovarian cancer, so my doctor put me on protocols that minimized my exposure to estrogen. But I guess with some of the drugs and ovarian stimulation, I could be more at risk. I figure, though, that pregnancy + breastfeeding both reduce your risk of those cancers by suppressing ovulation for 1 year+, so maybe it comes out even?! Totally get the mental health component though- I can get very anxious about cancer. I guess I try not to think about it too much, as well as stay on top of all of my recommended monitoring/screening.

Hi susbo,

well the cancer fear came from my brother who told me about a friend who got tube cancer after the IVF treatment. But I guess she was just a very rare case. Im so happy for you that could get pregnant with IVF!! How long did it took you from your first appointment with the fertility doc until your first pregnancy?

Today I went to my gyn. She found out that I got a leak of progesterone since days before my period starts I already have sort of very few bleeding. And she sends me now to laparoscopy for HSG and adhesion removal. Let's see when I get that appointment since in my region they cancel all elective operations.

I still hope that we can find more women here who got pregnant after laparotomy.

There should definitely be some more stories! I know lots of women on here have gone on to have babies.

For me, the time from when I first started undergoing fertility testing to my (frozen) embryo transfer was about 5 months. We did genetic testing on our embryos to increase our odds of success, so there were about 2 months between the egg retrieval and the transfer.

Good luck with your procedure! I hope you can schedule it soon!

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